May 28, 2022
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SP: Kyiv plans to recapture Crimea before the end of 2022

SP: Kyiv plans to recapture Crimea before the end of 2022

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Before the end of this year, Ukraine plans to return under control not only those territories that were seized by Russian troops after February 23, but also Donbass, as well as Crimea. Foreign media write about this, noting that Ukraine can be supplied with weapons that will make it possible to reverse the situation at the front, writes Free Press.

It is expected that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to use modern heavy weapons in August, after they arrive in Ukraine, and the troops are trained.

Russian experts, commenting on such publications, say that this is just propaganda that is aimed at the Western audience, as well as Ukrainians who hope to win in the confrontation with Russia.

“This is pure propaganda. They need to inspire optimism at any cost, and it does not matter that then people will be terribly disappointed. It will be later, when it will be completely indifferent who said what. There will be no one to complain to,” said political scientist Oleksandr Dudchak.

Experts also say that Ukrainians trust TV too much, so they are brainwashed and imposed on the version that is beneficial to the authorities.

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