Aug 16, 2022
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“SP”: It became known how many Shahed-129 UAVs Iran will supply to the Russian Armed Forces

Photos from open sources

Analyst Elijah Magnier commented on the possible delivery of Iranian drones to Russia.

Referring to his own sources, he said that allegedly the Russian Federation had already ordered 1,000 strike and reconnaissance drones from Iran, Svobodnaya Pressa writes.

We are talking about Shahed-129 UAVs, which can stay in the air for up to a day. These drones may turn out to be the most advanced on the territory of Ukraine. And they were developed by a country that has long been under sanctions.

“The move is considered unprecedented for a superpower buying its drones from Iran. Tehran regards the contract as recognition of its advanced and efficient military industry, despite 43 years of US sanctions against the Islamic Republic,” the expert said.

It is worth noting that Iran can receive combat aircraft from the Russian Federation. And this seriously worries the United States, since the interaction of the Russian Federation and Iran increases their military power.

Russian experts believe that Iranian drones will help Russia destroy Western weapons that are now being supplied to Ukraine.

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