Sep 5, 2022
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SP: Iranian “Shaheeds” will sweep away American MLRS HIMARS from the ground

SP: Iranian

Photos from open sources

Russia will benefit from Iranian kamikaze drones, which, according to The Washington Post, have already been transferred to Russia.

Sources say that now the Russian military is being trained to operate a UAV, writes Svobodnaya Pressa. It is planned that they will be used against long-range HIMARS MLRS, as well as howitzers that Ukraine received from the West.

Russia had to buy UAVs from Iran as the West stopped the flow of semiconductor chips needed for weapons production inside Russia.

The Washington Post writes that Russia received three types of kamikaze drones (“Shahid”): Shahed-129, Shahed-191 and Mohajer-6. These drones can operate as kamikaze drones, but can also perform reconnaissance missions.

The sources also said that Iran could receive from the Russian Federation the modern fighter jets that Iran needs, since its military aviation is significantly outdated, and sanctions prevent the creation of military aircraft of the same level as the Russian Su-35.

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