Jul 30, 2022
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SP: Don’t force the Russian Armed Forces to attack the decision-making centers

SP: Don't force the Russian Armed Forces to attack the decision-making centers

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The head of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine, Larisa Shesler, said that the Ukrainian army had already attacked the territory of the Russian Federation many times, despite the fact that both the Foreign Ministry and the Russian Defense Ministry had warned that powerful strikes would be the answer to the shelling of the Armed Forces of Russia in the Russian regions bordering Ukraine. They will target decision-making centers and means of transport delivering weapons to Kyiv. Journalists of the online news outlet Banki Loans wrote about this today.

Larisa Shesler, talking with correspondents of the publication, said: “Why wait until the Haimars with a range of up to 300 km at the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shell the city of Voronezh or the Crimean bridge? Ukraine has already crossed the “red lines” many times.

Arms expert Viktor Litovkin is sure that the authorities in the Russian Federation are trying to dodge the latest measures. The country’s leadership wants to bring this conflict into a political channel.

Alfa veteran Sergei Goncharov said: Russian authorities believe that common sense will prevail. Zelensky, one way or another, will be forced to make concessions. Key point: The Russian Federation understands that the further its troops advance, the more weapons the United States of America will deliver to Kyiv, the range of which will be much increased, and they will still bombard the regions that they are shelling now. But while there is hope that the issue can be resolved without resorting to extreme measures, the country will not move to the end and attack the main decision-making centers. In addition, the territory of Lugansk has already been liberated. As soon as the liberation of Donetsk is completed, a much tougher conversation will begin with Ukraine. And, most likely, negotiations will no longer be conducted with Ukraine.

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