Aug 22, 2022
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“SP”: Americans should be afraid for their AWACS in Poland

Photos from open sources

In the United States, they continue to talk about the effective use by Ukraine of weapons supplied by the West. This was recently stated again by US President Joe Biden, writes Free Press. He stressed that the weapons were used with destructive effect to protect Ukrainian land and airspace.

Russian experts say the opposite and say that Russian troops seize weapons in Ukrainian positions and then they can use the same weapons directly against the US military.

For example, the Russian military can shoot down AWACS aircraft from American Stingers, which now fly over Eastern Europe and collect intelligence information for Ukraine. therefore, the Pentagon fears that the Russian Federation will not attack them.

“The Americans are confident that without AWACS, not only air defense, but also the remnants of the Ukrainian Air Force will be instantly destroyed, after which the entire defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will immediately crumble,” the Svobodnaya Pressa publication notes.

Nevertheless, the West does not stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine. And, according to a number of sources, there is already information that weapons are being sent to Ukraine from a new $800 million aid package.

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