Jan 29, 2021
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Soviet pop star Alla Ioshpe remembered how she left the brother of the healer Allan Chumak to Stakhan Rakhimov, with whom she has been happy for 60 years

08:48, 01/29/2021

The 83-year-old singer and her husband shared their revelations on the show “The Fate of a Man.”

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Allu Ioshpe and Stakhan Rakhimova know for the hits of the Soviet stage “Alyosha”, “Inconspicuous beauty”, “Three plus five” and others. Popular in the 60s and 70s, the duo was not only a creative union. Having met in 1960 at a university amateur competition in the Column Hall of the House of Unions in Moscow, the young performers became a couple, having lived together for 60 years. To celebrate the anniversary of their life together, Alla Yakovlevna and Stakhan Mamadzhanovich were invited by Boris Korchevnikov to shoot the show “The Fate of a Man”. The presenter was touched by the love story of the heroes, congratulating them on the longevity of the marriage.

Alla Ioshpe’s 83-year-old husband remembered when the romance of the stars began. “Alla was the prima of the Moscow State University orchestra. She then performed on the stage of the Molodezhny cafe, and I was there too. And when she began to sing the song “Tbilisi”, which I also knew, I quietly approached from behind and began to sing along. Everyone stopped dancing and started listening. Then there was applause, and we were asked to sing again, ”said the artist. After that, the young lovers realized that I could not live without each other. Ioshpe recalled that Rakhimov made an offer in a cinema, on the screen of which a beautiful film about love was shown, saying that what sounded from the lips of the hero was his confession.

Alla Ioshpe and Stakhan Rakhimov

Complicating the situation was that both Alla and Stakhan were married. Moreover, both had children. “What was around us did not matter. We just didn’t see anyone. We were sent a note from the audience: “You sing as if the auditorium bothers you,” and it was really so, ”the guests of the“ Fate of Man ”admitted. To explain himself to the husband of Alla, who at that time was married to the brother of the well-known healer Allan Chumak in the late 80s and early 90s, Rakhimov came home to his beloved.

“He came to us on Malaya Bronnaya. There was Volodya… They talked and Volodya left, ”Ioshpe said. Alla Yakovlevna noted that her predecessor Rakhimova had nothing to do with extrasensory perception and was an ordinary engineer. However, the singer stressed that her ex-husband was a very kind and pleasant person, whom she still remembers with gratitude. “He was my first husband and father of Tanyusha (daughter of the performer – Noteed.), which was raised by Stakhan. Volodya, brother of Allan Chumak, was a warm and good person, he was very protective of me, and it was impossible to answer him for his warmth. We have been friends since we were 15, ”shared Alla Ioshpe.

Allan Chumak

The heroes of Boris Korchevnikov’s program said that they did not have a wedding, just Stakhan Mamadzhanovich cooked pilaf and treated them to everyone who passed by the house where the husband and wife lived. Together, the spouses were destined to go through many trials, including Alla’s illness, and the ban on performances by the Soviet authorities. The fact is that Ioshpe had problems with his leg due to the infection he suffered at the age of 10. In the late 70s, complications began, so the couple applied to travel to Israel to undergo treatment there. The officials did not like this intention, they did not give permission to fly away, and after the precedent the artists were no longer invited to give concerts. For ten years, the couple were forced to give home concerts, at which the audience always gathered, and a policeman was on duty at the entrance of the house.

The ban was lifted only in the late 1980s. First, Ioshpe and Rakhimov went on tour to provincial cities, then they were allowed to sing in large cities. And over time, the artists returned to the venues of St. Petersburg and Moscow. The heroes of Boris Korchevnikov’s program expressed gratitude to the fans and caring people who supported them during the period of lack of money. According to Alla Yakovlevna, she and her husband lived a happy life. The singer expressed regret that no more children were born in marriage with her husband. The actress was unable to become a mother again due to her health, but both spouses noted that they had enough grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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