Jan 11, 2021
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Southerners and northerners breathe differently. How to survive in a “foreign” region

There is northern breathing, and there is southern, experts say. But ordinary people do not always understand what is meant by this division. In fact, the connection between the region of residence and the type of breathing is quite real and quite simply explainable. told about the difference and how you can adapt to breathe in a way alien to yourself if there is a need to move. candidate of medical sciences, otorhinolaryngologist of the highest category Vladimir Zaitsev

Scientists have been interested in the question of the connection between respiration and regional identity of a person for a long time. There are even known works on the aerodynamics of nasal breathing, depending on the human habitat. Research has been carried out several times, and now this topic does not lose its relevance.

Regional factor

“Previously, people did not really feel and notice such a relationship. Population migration between regions, and from one extreme to another, for example, from north to south to warm up, or from south to north to earn money, appeared not so long ago. And along with such transfers, people who are indigenous to either cold or hot regions began to notice a number of problems associated with breathing, ”says Vladimir Zaitsev.

A person may have a problem with free and comfortable breathing when moving. In some cases, he may even start to get sick often. Usually all this is attributed to adaptation, but the discomfort may not last long. A person will experience dryness in the nose, sneeze often, runny nose and other unpleasant manifestations are frequent. At the same time, treatment does not help: everything returns to normal and torments constantly.

What is the problem?

One of the main problems, says the ENT doctor, is that a person travels, for example, to a colder region to work actively. And most of his life is devoted to this. As a result, immunity simply fails due to overload.

The second reason lies precisely in the peculiarities of the structure of the nose, says Vladimir Zaitsev. “If you look at African Americans, you can see that they have a very heavy and large nose. Evolutionarily, it has developed so that the air passes better, is well ventilated and humidified. After all, the nose acts as a conditioner that normalizes the air entering the body, ”explains the otorhinolaryngologist. At the same time, large amounts of cold air will become a serious problem for him.

But among the northern peoples, who are constantly in the area of ​​cold and frost, evolutionarily developed so that the noses are miniature, a narrowed nasal cavity and narrow nasal passages. “The air must enter the body prepared. It must be optimally heated and moisturized. All this happens to him in the turbinates. And if they are too wide, then the power of the nose will simply not be enough for the normal performance of its functions. With a too wide (southern) type of nose, the air will not warm up properly and will constantly supercool the back of the throat, ”the ENT specialist notes.

That is why indigenous southerners, moving to the north, begin to suffer and suffer, not understanding what the root of the problem is. At the same time, many strive to move, especially when they live in the cold and really want to start basking in the warm southern rays of the sun.

How to be?

As the otorhinolaryngologist notes, there is no problem for people on business trips who visit another region. They stay outside their usual area of ​​life for a short time, and therefore simply do not have time to reorganize.

But if an event such as a move is ahead, or a person already lives somewhere in an unusual place for himself, has a family and is unlikely to move, you can worry about correcting your condition.

“It is clear that the problem with breathing by belonging to the region is not fatal. It does not lead to death or disability. But at the same time it reduces the quality of his life. In this regard, he may try to find a way out, ”says Vladimir Zaitsev.

And such a way out can be a special ENT operation. With it, the turbinates are moved either closer to the nasal septum, or further from it, depending on what problem needs to be solved. So, the otorhinolaryngologist emphasizes, if it is necessary to make the nose according to the northern type of breathing, then the shells are moved closer to the partition, then the air will pass less, it will be properly moistened and warmed up. If, on the contrary, it is required to do the southern type of breathing, then move the shells away from the partition. Then the ventilation will be completely different.

“It should be understood that this may or may not help. There are additional factors that affect. For example, a curved septum. Depending on its curvature and condition, the success of such an event will be determined, ”says otorhinolaryngolg. There is also a risk, for example, that it will start bleeding during surgery. If the operation is performed in a hospital, then this is not a problem: the doctors there will quickly cope. But in the conditions of a conventional ENT office, it is dangerous.

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