Dec 31, 2020
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Source: Maya Sandu’s visit to Russia is not discussed yet

The visit of Moldovan President Maia Sandu to Russia in practical terms has not yet been discussed, an informed source in Moscow told RIA Novosti.

So far, Sandu’s visit to Moscow has not been discussed in practical terms, – reported RIA Novosti informed source.

Earlier, Moldovan President Maia Sandu said she was ready to come to Moscow if she received an invitation. According to her, there are many important topics for negotiations with the Kremlin. Sandu added that for January 2021 she has already scheduled official visits to Kiev and Brussels.

On December 24, the new President of Moldova Maia Sandu took the oath of office and took office as head of state. Based on local legislation, it is after this ceremony that the new national leader comes into his own. Sandu took the oath of office at the Palace of the Republic.

The Constitutional Court (CC) of Moldova on December 10 approved the results of the presidential elections in the republic, which was won by Maia Sandu. In the second round, she received 57.75% of the vote. Her rival, the current president of the country, Igor Dodon, managed to enlist the support of only 42.2% of voters. The elections themselves took place on November 15.

During the ceremony, Sandu expressed her gratitude to everyone who supported her. The new President of Moldova said she pinned her hopes on further support from the citizens of the state, wrote.

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