Nov 13, 2021
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Soup splashed in the face of a cafe employee

the soup was splashed in the faceJanelle Broland from Temple (Texas, USA), who works in a cafe and sold a portion of soup to another client, did not expect how everything would end.

the soup was splashed in the face

A few minutes later, the stranger called and started shouting that the soup was so hot that it melted the plastic lid of the glass. Janelle explained to the lady that she could come back and get the money back or change the food she didn’t like, but the client just screamed and screamed. A little later, the woman did return, but she was still not ready for a constructive dialogue. Having heard enough screams, the employee of the cafe said that if the lady did not calm down, she would have to call the police. It was at this moment that the visitor splashed the ill-fated soup right in the face of our heroine.

the soup was splashed in the face

Fortunately, during the entire time of the scandal, the liquid managed to cool down, and therefore Janelle did not burn herself. But the soup was spicy, and because of this, the employee’s eyes and nasal mucosa suffered. The cafe employee is not sure if she will bring charges against the offender, although she identified the lady using social media as a nurse at a local hospital.

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