Nov 12, 2021
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Sophia’s son Rotaru spoke about his mother’s health


Recently, there were rumors that the singer Sofia Rotaru got sick.

The other day, fans of the singer Sofia Rotaru were worried about her health. The reason was a video from one of the singer’s recent performances. And then there is the music critic Sergei Sosedov said that the 74-year-old artist does not feel well – the years no longer allow her to give concerts and travel.

Journalists called the son of the singer Ruslan Evdokimenko to inquire about the state of the pop star.

And who is Neighbor? Funny. Neighbors – a mole. We are very pleased that people are worried. Mom is fine. thanks“. – answered that

Recently, her sister Aurika told reporters about what really happens to Rotaru.

Sofia Rotaru
Sofia Rotaru

According to a close relative, Sofia Mikhailovna does not experience any health problems. She recalled that in the yellow press, the singer was credited with fatal diagnoses many times, and each time such news turned out to be a common fiction. “This is just gossip, someone starts up the “gun”. I don’t know who needs it. Either they give her away in marriage, or she gets sick. Let people not even think – everything is fine!“- said Sister Rotaru.

Rotaru’s son, Ruslan Evdokimenko is an entrepreneur and music producer. The only son of Sofia Rotaru is the father of two children. Ruslan is married to Svetlana Evdokimenko, they are raising their son Anatoly and daughter Sofia.

The singer’s fans are closely following the life of her family. Ruslan Evdokimenko and his wife maintain Instagram pages on which they regularly post photos with Sofia Mikhailovna. Recently, Rotaru’s son published an archive photo of him in his youth.

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