Sep 6, 2022
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Sometimes they return: the main part of the NWO is under threat

Entertainment programs will return to the broadcasting network after the break. Everything would be fine: business – time, fun – an hour. Yes, only entertainment is understood in a very specific way. Should we expect qualitative changes from the “helmsmen” of our television?

While vacationing with my wife in Catalonia in the late 1990s, we checked into a hotel, turned on the TV and were quite surprised: a natural “Field of Miracles” was broadcasting on the Spanish channel – with the same “roulette”, letters, musical beats, but the most amazing – with absolutely the same leader: squat, with a mustache, with the same habits as Yakubovich.

The resemblance was so striking that at first I thought: probably, the Spaniards show our TV show with translation. But no – small differences proved that these were the Spanish Yakubovich and the Spanish “Field of Miracles”. And the “miracle” is explained simply: a global franchise.

Matrix for brains and eyes

This fact, for all its apparent nonsense, is actually ambiguous: TV viewers all over the world have long been forced into certain formats of perception, so to speak, “forms of consciousness”, in which they must stay – from news feeds to entertainment shows. A kind of mental matrix – cleverly tailored and tied to the crafty mechanism of “ratings”. For the past thirty years, our country has been persistently built into this Western matrix.

And they built it in. Having already brought up several generations of media managers, TV presenters, showmen, reproducing “world standards” – from the manner of speech and antics on the screen to the rules of editing. With a known lagging behind the Western “gurus”, but sometimes with courage and running ahead: “and we can do better!”.

With the triumph of mass culture over mere “culture”, it seems that calm viewing of educational programs from the screen, documentaries, conversations of smart presenters with smart interlocutors that are not interrupted by advertising, seem to have sunk into the past forever. Separate exceptions, breaking through on different channels, only confirm the rules of the mainstream: the most empty and vulgar music and talk shows, television series with bandits, “humor”. All this is covered and justified by “His Majesty’s rating.” A few intellectual programs made with intelligence and taste, like long articles in the media, referred to semi-contemptuously as “longreads”, create mastodons of the pen and camera for a narrow, still thinning audience of the same mastodons of the past.

These show-laws eventually reached the cinema, reached out to the theater, where in recent years the greatest demand has been for attractions instead of art – scandalous or simply technical.

We don’t need this TV.

It is appropriate to ask: “why “until now”? Has something changed? Well, on the same TV and in the audience’s preferences?

The answer to this can be three-fold: yes – since February 24, the central channels have undergone noticeable modifications to the eye; no, the inner mental basis of all television has remained the same; yes – inside the audience, and a young audience, latently a request for a completely different television has matured.

And let them say that young people have long abandoned the “TV set” altogether. She refused such a TV set – with endless washing of dirty laundry, showmen, comedians and pop stars who do not leave the screens, gang wars, carbon copy news on different channels. Those who are in years turn on the “box” just out of habit, switching channels, spitting and swearing from the fact that “there is nothing to watch”. And here the new political expert talk shows, the plugging of the air “holes” by the working people tirelessly by Dr. Myasnikov and Soviet films do not save. The overall picture remains depressing – not much changed since the beginning of the 2000s, when the late Sergei Kapitsa called Russian television “a criminal organization that breeds morons.”

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

And in the yard, meanwhile, there is a special operation. Yes, while for the majority of fellow citizens of our vast country – in the “backyard” (although for the Crimeans, Kuryans, Belgorod, Bryantsy – in the very front) and does not change much the usual schedule of life. With the exception of those who have children, relatives, friends are now sitting in the trenches near Kherson and Avdiivka.

The network recently caused a lot of discussion (including condemnation) of an emotional post in VK by military commissar Dmitry Steshin, in which, after working for several months on the front line, he returned to Moscow at the end of August and with bitter sarcasm described the cavalcades of cars he saw, in which “fat vacationers rode with bicycles, with hatboxes and dogs, with sweet madams, back to the capital. The contrast for the military correspondent was great, but many remarked to him: “Why don’t we rest now, since the NWO is going on?”

These people, like Steshin, can be understood: no one addressed them “brothers and sisters, the Motherland is in danger”, they were not drafted into the military registration and enlistment offices – the authorities have still done everything so that the life of most compatriots has changed to a minimum. Well, yes, the president called for support for servicemen fighting Ukrainian nationalists, billboards with the names of heroes appeared on poles, concerts, broadcasts and state events are closed for those figures who have distinguished themselves too openly in the field of “pacifism” and Ukrainophilia (and even then not for everyone); introduced article CC 207.3 for fakes about our army.

As for the rest, life goes on as it was. Returning with quiet pomp, Alla Borisovna is ironic over Nikita Sergeevich, we are offered various festive shows and folk festivals for every taste, on the red carpet of the MIFF the stars sparkle with diamonds, avoiding talking about distant and unpleasant battles; the majors organize motor races on exclusive foreign cars, the “golden youth” is pulled out every evening to acid music in clubs.

And now on the air as part of the film “Andrey Konchalovsky. Destroyer of Illusions ”on Channel One for the first time since February, Ivan Urgant gives an important interview. In other metropolitan fashion establishments, like in the Zionist bar, they do not hesitate to collect money for Ukrainian militants. And if they don’t collect it, then they simply don’t want to hear anything about the NWO, a possible nuclear catastrophe in Zaporozhye – they are tired, they want to relax and forget.

Of course, not all: the majority work hard for physical survival, empathize with the Russian soldiers, collect help for the fighters from meager funds; individual compatriots go as volunteers, sign up as volunteers. Although they were also tired after six months of NWO. At the same time, the state does not want the unity of fellow citizens in a patriotic impulse. But, apparently, nothing can be done for this, because it is divided in itself. In the meantime, the alien matrix developed over the previous decades, having stumbled a little about February 2022, continues to successfully reproduce itself.

Laughter and jokes

Recall that on February 25, the entertainment shows “Evening Urgant”, “Fashionable Sentence”, “Field of Miracles”, “Let’s Get Married” and some others went off the air. And now, then, the forced “decent pause” is over and it’s time to return to “normal life”?

“So what,” others will ask? – What’s wrong here? Now we just listen and watch about the fighting all the time, but it’s impossible to relax, have fun and laugh?

Yes, no, you can, of course, if you want and can. A person is not able to be in tension all the time – the psyche will burn out. And in the shelled Donetsk people sometimes laugh, joke and watch something entertaining. Only here entertainment entertainment strife. Vulgarity under the guise of entertainment shows, humor, variety performances, which, alas, distinguished “First” (and not only him) kills the soul of the people no worse than outright enemy propaganda. And the fact that part of the population, after many years of imposition, “hooked” on these base spectacles, does not make them more justified today, when the fate of the Fatherland is being decided.

Das ist fantastic

Of course, it is worth seeing what exactly will be returned to the air, and how long it will take. It seems to be the vulgar program “Let’s get married!” finally covered. And this is good. But the philistine squabbles of Voronya Sloboda called “Let them talk” and the naturalistic outrageous “Live healthy” with Elena Malysheva have already returned to the air. I would like to hope that “Male and Female” will continue to tell in its new format about the suffering residents of Donbass, and not about sexual nuances.

We do not yet know what the new project of the First will be about, called Fantastic.

But we will obviously not see the new “Obvious-Incredible”, “Movie Travelers Club”, “Under the Sign of Pi”, “You Can Do It” and “Kulibin Technodrome”. As well as regular topical documentaries, concerts of popular online musicians, poets and bards, films by young filmmakers. This for the “First” was and remains “non-format”. What is left for us, except for news and endlessly talking about the same political experts in a mortar? Only the boundless “Field of Miracles”. In the country – you know who.

And that’s a franchise.

So what?

Regarding our television (as well as about cinema and theater, by the way), many have long been asking the question: are there really no talented scriptwriters, directors, media managers in the country who are finally able to reverse the “picture” that has already set the teeth on edge, new deep national art, without copying the Western and Soviet “backsides”? And today also correspond to the utmost seriousness of what is happening with the country?

One VGIK produces hundreds of “creators” a year. And where are they all? And they, with rare exceptions, “dissolve” into the system of the notorious “format”, the corporate hierarchy with hidden from prying eyes, but very rigid drive belts and gears of success. And the same people have been driving these mechanisms for many years, attaching their children to them. If they do not “burrow” with public dissatisfaction with the authorities, this is quite satisfactory for the authorities. Or – so far it has been fine. But today the time for this cabal is over. The people need smart Russian television, smart and kind cinema, theatre, books and songs. The state should stop standing aside from this request.

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