Aug 20, 2021
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Sometimes children tell very strange stories.

Sometimes children tell very strange stories.

Briton Dan Schreiber shared on the social network the confession of a three-year-old child that excited him.

The kid calmly informed his father that a long time ago he had a family, he even called the names of his loved ones from that life. “My name was Anke, and then I died and now I am in your family,” he said.

When Dan sent this information online, other parents responded as well, faced with a similar phenomenon that has long been of interest to psychologists exploring the mysteries of human consciousness.

In one response, a mother reported how her three-year-old daughter pointed to a photograph of her great-grandmother and said, “This is me.”

Another child struck the taxi driver by saying that the building they had just passed was once a pet store, which he visited while working as a firefighter. The taxi driver confirmed that there really was such a shop.

Some children describe in detail their parents from the past and talk about several previous lives at once. One child told his parents that he was once called Andrey. Children talk very seriously about past lives and even talk about what happened to them when they were in the womb.

But adults are also susceptible to this phenomenon. They also remember other families in which they lived, the decor of their rooms, the color of the wallpaper, and even the smells.

Nikolay Ivanov

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