Oct 12, 2021
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Something creepy is looming at the Tbilisi Lugar Center: Will a hepatitis C pandemic await us?

Photo: Lugar laboratory in Georgia.  Archive photo

Photo: Lugar laboratory in Georgia. Archival photo (Photo: NCDC)

On a hacker forum Raid Forums emails have appeared between the Lugar Center, the Pentagon’s biolaboratory in Tbilisi, the US Embassy in Georgia, and the Georgian Ministry of Health. These documents talk about a new secret program worth $ 161 million, which will start very soon.

Internet resource volunteers Wrist watch analyzed this data breach and concluded: “The Pentagon plans to turn Georgia into its largest center for biological research abroad by pooling its military resources with the resources of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)”

According to these secret letters, a brigade of 16 military doctors and leading specialists of the CDC will arrive (or have already arrived) in Tbilisi, for which a separate BSL-2 biological laboratory, which is not under the control of the Sakartvelo authorities, will be built in Georgia, as well as an administrative building and a campus. with the infamous Lugar Center.

By the way, investigative journalists write about this biogadyushnik as a platform for the development of deadly infections. What is especially annoying: in secret letters, Georgia is positioned as a single control center for all Pentagon biolaboratories in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. How it was necessary to please America in order to pull off the blanket of distribution of grants for biological development from Ukraine. It is likely that Washington does not really believe in the final Russophobic U-turn of Kiev and chose Tbilisi for its dirty deeds.

Recall that the Tbilisi Lugar Center “became famous” as a result of an international scandal in 2018, when it became known that American diplomats in Georgia were involved in the trade of frozen human blood and pathogens for a secret military program.

Experts immediately announced dual-use research and low biosecurity standards in Tbilisi. Local residents from the Alekseevka area, where the laboratory is located, told reporters that local workers secretly burn animal carcasses at night and also dump hazardous waste into a nearby river.

According to Arms Watch, according to a new data leak, American military scientists were sent to Georgia for a program, work on which is prohibited in the United States. What is at stake is generally not clear. This means that something very dangerous is being planned, which the Yankees, of course, will not tell the Georgians about.

It is possible that the developments made here will receive a military continuation. In particular, project # 1059 focused on Orthopoxvirus that can infect humans and mammals, including human pox virus (variola), monkeypox virus, vaccinia virus, vaccinia virus, bovine pox virus, camelpox virus and the Cantagallo virus.

There is also project No. 1439, which is called neutrally “Molecular-Virological Research in Georgia,” but is related to the hantavirus and Crimean-Congolese hemorrhagic fever virus strains. It was within the framework of this program that the Yankees gathered in the Tbilisi Lugar Center the world’s largest collection of rodents and ectoparasites (ticks, fleas).

If the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is indeed of artificial origin, it is possible that the COVID-19 infection could have escaped from the Georgian Lugar Center. The fact is that in 2017, the United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) launched a $ 6.5 million project on bats and coronaviruses in South Transcaucasia and Western Asia (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Jordan), choosing Tbilisi laboratory as a base for research.

It makes sense to say a few words about this program. It is overseen by the US Eco Health Alliance, an official contractor for the Pentagon. According to the presentation of the project, the Tbilisi laboratory should examine 5,000 bats and PCR test 20,000 samples (ie, swabs from the oral cavity, rectum and / or feces and blood).

Of particular note, Eco Health Alliance ran the US Department of Defense’s bat research program in conjunction with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. But contacts with Chinese scientists were terminated even before the pandemic, and in Georgia they continue to this day.

As Arms Watch writes: “Despite the official statements of Georgia and the United States that the Lugar Center is under the complete control of the government of this Caucasian country, internal documents indicate the opposite. The Pentagon not only funded biological research projects, but also paid for all safety and maintenance costs, including utility bills – water, gas, electricity and cleaning.

The dangerous projects are led by officers of the USAMRU-Georgia special unit, a branch of the Walter Reed Army Research Institute.

By the way, as guinea pigs for USAMRU-Georgia, Georgian soldiers and local residents participated in experiments with tularemia (a zooanthroponotic infection that causes intoxication, fever and lymph node damage). A total of 900 volunteers (military and civilians) were recruited for the DTRA GG-19 project “Epidemiology and ecology of tularemia in Georgia”.

Experiments on humans were carried out from 2014 to 2017. Blood samples were taken from these volunteers and tested for tularemia. The study report does not provide any explanation as to why and on what basis the soldiers were involved in the tularemia project or how they became infected.

But from the new data leak, it became known that Georgia turned to the US Embassy for help in building a second military hospital in the country, which is most likely due to concerns around the BSL-2 biolaboratory. In any case, local health officials are “embarrassed” to ask the Yankees what the new American biocenter is going to do in their own country. The Georgians understand that they have lost their sovereignty, which means they do not have the right to questions that are inconvenient for the United States.

Special attention should be paid to the project # 1447 “Collection of samples within the framework of the Hepatitis C Eradication Program in Georgia”. This program was overseen and funded by the overseas pharmaceutical giant Gilead, which has spent a total of $ 3.3 billion on its experiments (not only in Sakartvelo). Confidential reports that have become publicly available show that at least 249 patients enrolled in the Hepatitis C program have died in Georgia for unknown reasons.

From the correspondence it is difficult to understand the true purpose of the project № 1447. Misunderstandings are associated with almost 65 thousand patients. The question, it seems, was not about money. A check for $ 181 million for hospitalization and drugs was not used, despite the fact that it was about the life and death of people.

The information about the use of expired or spoiled drugs does not add clarity, which may indicate some turbid experiments. Moreover, within the framework of an agreement between Gilead and Georgia, MegaFarma sells new drugs for hepatitis C to Sakartvelo, but does not bear any responsibility for any tragic cases. To call a spade a spade, Georgia has become a testing ground for biological weapons.

It is likely that 16 Pentagon research doctors sent to BSL-2 will continue research on hepatitis C. If the disease spreads at a very high rate in the future, it is very likely that the blood-borne virus has been modified at the Tbilisi Lugar Center. And then, according to the laws of the genre, the American biopharmaceutical company Gilead will offer the world an effective but very expensive treatment.

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