Mar 31, 2021
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SOMB representative called unacceptable accusations of UN experts about the activities of Russians in the CAR

Representative of the “Commonwealth of Officers for International Security” (SOMB) Alexander Ivanov called the accusations of UN experts on the topic of the Russian presence in the Central African Republic inadmissible.

He considers the conclusions of the UN expert group to be unfounded, distorting the real situation. Alexander Ivanov’s statement was posted on his social networks on Wednesday, March 31.

“Today, a statement was released by a group of independent UN experts, which contains groundless accusations against Russian instructors training the army in the CAR. Various media began to spread this information. I believe that such accusations are unacceptable and distort the real situation. In the near future, we will send official letters and will seek the refutation of inaccurate information, – said Ivanov.

An article based on the findings of UN experts was published by The Guardian. It concerns the activities of Russian instructors in the Central African Republic, who have been training the government army for several years.

SOMB instructors operate in the CAR openly and under an agreement with the authorities. Earlier, Ivanov called the stuffing about Russian instructors in the CAR as a reaction to their successes.


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