Oct 18, 2020
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Solovyov published the best jokes of Putin

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov published on his Telegram channel a selection of jokes by Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was made for the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin ". The 8-minute video contains humorous and satirical statements of the president since 2000.

The first in the collection is a joke from 2000, when Putin was asked if he was comfortable in the Kremlin, in the presidential chair. “It doesn’t press,” the president replied.

The president also joked at a press conference in 2008 when he was asked about Gazprom, which, according to the American media, "is digging deeper into the body of Europe."

Why the Americans are so worried about the European body, I do not know. Maybe they themselves do not want to break away from him. Like means good body- Putin answered.

When a foreign journalist asked if he had a soul, Putin replied that, first of all, a state leader should have a head. In 2017, during a press conference, the president asked for a microphone to be given to a girl with a "Putin Babay" poster, because he thought it said "bye-bye". “By old age became weak eyes,” - Putin laughed.

Former adviser to the President of the United States John Bolton, he said in 2018: "Your eagle has already eaten all the olives, there are only arrows left."

As wrote, Ukrainians did not appreciate the humor of Maxim Galkin, who released a mini-parody of President Volodymyr Zelensky on his Instagram. The video is dedicated to the topic of "five important issues", which were earlier initiated by the head of state. Galkin in Ukrainian gives a comic version of these questions. For example, is it worth putting in a corner the deputies who behaved "badly", and is there a need to legalize medical cannabis for seriously ill politicians. On Instagram, the publication is signed as a special issue for Ukraine. However, the inhabitants of Nezalezhnaya did not laugh at the joke. It turned out "not funny and not like", they state. But there were also Ukrainians who liked Galkin's video. But their opinions were drowned in angry reviews.


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