Jun 30, 2020
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Solovyov has openly accused Sobchak after the interview with Anna Shafran

On "Beware Sobchak!" Ksenia wanted cunning to ferret out the details of Vladimir from his colleagues, says a leading.

Vladimir Solovyov Anna Saffron with @vrsoloviev and Xenia sobchakxenia_sobchak

Vladimir Solovyov Anna Saffron with @vrsoloviev and Xenia sobchakxenia_sobchak

The presenter during the broadcast "Soloviev Live" voiced his impression after watching the latest edition of the show "Caution, Sobchak!". Vladimir Solovyov is convinced that his co-host Anna Shafran destroyed Ksenia Sobchak during an interview. The journalist claims that the ex-leading "House-2" wanted cunning to ferret out the subtleties of his work through a colleague, but she was a "tough nut" on provocation didn't give in.

In addition, Soloviev during the broadcast on YouTube Sobchak recalled her statement about the children that in the heat of anger called "bastard". It was a few years ago, when Ksenia was fighting about noisy neighbors on the phone. Someone made a recording of the conversation leading to, and Soloviev included the audio during the webcast. Thus, the journalist was trying to emphasize how Sobchak duplicitous and hypocritical.

When she joined the broadcast, trying to defend their right to make any statements in a private conversation, Vladimir openly presented all their claims. In response to claims Sobchak recalled that at the time of utterance of children was childfree, then Solovyov asked Xenia about the attitude to religion. Hearing the answer that leading a complex system of views on the matter, Vladimir protested the fact that she was married. Xenia replied that he does not impose his views.

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