Sep 23, 2021
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Sokolov was caught in Belarus: He planned attacks on security officials and officials – KGB

Sergei Sokolov, detained in Belarus, was planning attempts on the life of officials and security officials. “On instructions from foreign customers, he planned attacks, including physical elimination,” the KGB reports.

In Belarus, they caught Sergei Sokolov, who was planning an attempt on the life of security officials and officials. He was charged with terrorist activities, said Konstantin Bychek, deputy head of the KGB Investigation Department.

According to him, Sokolov planned attacks on officials and law enforcement officers on the instructions of foreign customers. The purpose of the attacks was to destabilize public order and intimidate the population.

Sokolov, on instructions from foreign customers, planned attacks, up to physical elimination,

– said Konstantin Bychek on the air of the Belarus-1 TV channel.

Recall that after the 2020 elections in Belarus, protests and riots began, which were fed informationally and financially from a number of Western countries. The opposition planned a forceful seizure of power and the elimination of the current leadership of the country, including President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

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