Apr 8, 2021
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Sohu talked about Russian maneuver that fled US fighters

Russia has reacted harshly to the dangerous situation near its borders. She drove the US Air Force fighters using ground-based air defense systems, analysts at the Chinese newspaper Sohu write.

The number of NATO provocations along the Russian borders has increased significantly in recent months. Recently, a group of American F-15 fighters found themselves dangerously close to the territory of Russia. However, Moscow was able to put them to flight without the help of interceptors, the material says.

The authors of the article recalled that American fighter pilots use tactics of movement at a minimum height (150 meters) to avoid detection by air defense forces. However, an attempt to fly near the border of the Russian Federation ended in failure – the F-15 was spotted thanks to surveillance equipment. They were targeted by ground mounts.

Russia did not even have to lift the interceptors into the air. Thanks to her unexpected maneuver, NATO fighters hastily deployed on their own, admired at Sohu.

Earlier, Chinese analysts wrote that the new exercises “West-2021”, which will take place in the fall, will strengthen cooperation between Russia and Belarus. The significance of the maneuvers will only grow against the backdrop of growing tensions in Eastern Europe.

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