Oct 20, 2021
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Sohu: Russia will win the confrontation with the United States without a single shot


Sohu: Russia will win the confrontation with the United States without a single shot
Federal news agency

The authors of the article note that in recent years, relations between Moscow and Washington have been at a very low level. The United States and its NATO allies are escalating the tensions by staging provocations along the Russian borders. In this regard, many experts have fears that a war will soon break out between the two major powers.

Chinese analysts believe that such talk is not groundless. The United States is not going to give up military and political pressure on its opponents, although such a strategy is very dangerous. Any wrong action and misunderstanding during tense international relations can provoke an armed conflict. Against this background, the authors of Sohu decided to predict how Russian-American relations will develop in the future. They believe that Moscow has every chance of defeating Washington in this confrontation without losing a single soldier.

The publication recalled that recently Western media are increasingly writing about American workers who are striking in several states at once, as well as about bankers who predict the United States will default due to the uncontrolled growth of government debt.

“In more US states on strike, workers express their dissatisfaction with working conditions and the loss of social benefits,” said Sohu.

Analysts have explained that American society is close to split. The COVID-19 pandemic, economic problems and the failure of the military campaign in Afghanistan have only worsened the situation in the country. In such a situation, Washington will soon be unable to pay attention to conflicts with Moscow, as it will desperately try to solve problems within the country, the newspaper writes. “PolitRussia”. Chinese experts believe that the United States will either try to negotiate peace with the Russian Federation on favorable terms for it, or completely concede to it on key issues. Any of these options would mean for Russia a victory over the enemy without firing a single shot.

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