Nov 22, 2021
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Sohu experts explain why Russia abandoned the Cam Ranh military base


Sohu experts explain why Russia abandoned the Cam Ranh military base

The Cam Ranh military base, located on the coast of the South China Sea, is known for its very successful strategic position, since several dozen warships can be moored in its port at the same time. The site is surrounded by high mountains that provide shelter for combat units. The Chinese authors recalled that some time ago Cam Ranh was under the control of Russia, but it rather unexpectedly refused to lease the port.

“This is one of the largest and most convenient deep-water ports in Southeast Asia”, – translates the words of the authors “PolitRussia”

Previously, the base was used by the Soviet Union as a logistics center for the Navy. Thanks to the lease, Moscow played an important role in Southeast Asia, where it represented its interests. But in 2001, the Russian government decided to abandon the use of Cam Ranh.

Experts say that Russia took this step for several reasons. Firstly, Vietnam no longer wanted to lease the base for free and asked for a large sum of money to renew the contract. At that time, the Russian Federation was in a rather difficult economic situation and could not spend huge amounts of money. Secondly, the technical condition of Cam Ranh left much to be desired, since the port required serious modernization, and therefore a good investment.

Also, analysts emphasize, the constant presence of Russian warships could create unnecessary geopolitical tensions in the region. Then the Russian authorities did not want to aggravate the situation and preferred to refuse to lease the facility.

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