Apr 19, 2021
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Sohu: China’s ploy with Su-27 fighters angered Russia

China’s trick in purchasing a license to assemble Russian Su-27 fighters has provoked mixed reactions from Russia. This is the conclusion reached by the observers of the Chinese edition of Sohu.

The military equipment produced by the Russian Federation is in good demand on the international market. China is one of the buyers of Russian weapons, the authors of the article recalled. However, in the mid-1990s, Moscow found itself in a difficult economic situation, against the background of which it agreed to a deal with Beijing.

Authorities have sold China a license to assemble Su-27 fighters. After a while, the PRC launched mass production of analogues of Russian equipment, including the famous Shenyang J-11. China’s actions, experts say, sparked anger from Russia.

“Russia hardly expected that China would be able to take advantage of the opportunity presented to it,” Sohu believes.

Sohu: China's ploy with Su-27 fighters angered Russia

The bottom line for Moscow from the aforementioned deal in Sohu is found ambiguous. There are also positive aspects of what happened: Russia has changed its approach to technological secrets and is trying to protect them more strictly. An example is a contract with India related to the Su-30MKI. When drafting the document, Moscow took into account its previous miscalculations.

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