Sep 10, 2022
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Sofia Rotaru is seriously ill, neighbors said


The music critic said that it is hard for the singer Sofia Rotaru to live in Kyiv.

Since the beginning of the special military operation, Sofia Rotaru has been silent. It was only known that she helped the Ukrainian military. Recently, the artist nevertheless spoke out in defense of her country, provoking mass indignation among other citizens.

75-year-old executive of the hit “Well, I loved him ”had real estate in the Crimea and lived there all her life because of the peculiarities of her health, which is suitable only for the climate of the peninsula. When did the SVO start?”, Rotaru returned to her paternal home – the village of Marshintsy.

Arrived at the place of power! Here I was born, grew up, went to school. This is where I started singing. Native Marshinites reminded me how important it is not to lose the sense of belonging to your Earth, to feel connected with those who gave you life, raised you and supported you in your endeavors”, the artist recently wrote on her page.

Sofia Rotaru - photo from the archive -
Sofia Rotaru – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

But music critic Sergei Sosedov believes that Sofia Mikhailovna needs to return to Yalta. “She has emphysema, she is shown only the Crimean climate. It is very difficult for her to live in Kyiv, and even more so in Moscow. She always suffocated here. Therefore, she always lived in the Crimea, there was “both the king and God”, the journalist shared his opinion. The 54-year-old TV presenter believes that the singer should not be condemned because of her political position, Prozvezd quotes.

It is worth noting that many public figures and even politicians are asking to take away the house on the peninsula from Rotaru. Deputy Roman Khudyakov explained that special checks are needed to confiscate property, which, by the way, have already begun.

I understand the Russians, I understand the inhabitants of the Crimea, I want to confiscate – and that’s all. But we don’t do that. Verification of the legality of the acquisition of a historic mansion, as well as a tax audit will soon be launched. And if violations are revealed, it is possible, upon the fact of the trial, to transfer the mansion to a music school or recording studio“, – said the statesman in social networks.

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