Feb 17, 2021
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Socialist candidate for prime minister: “Moldova may collapse financially”

Maia Sandu continues to insist on her candidate, and Andrei Nastase proposes himself to the premiere

President of Moldova Maya Sandu continues to insist on his candidacy for prime minister – Natalia Gavrilitsy, calling it the only right decision for the country. Otherwise, according to her, it will be impossible to find a way out of the political impasse in which the country has once again found itself.

“I did the right thing. When she reported this, she explained the reasons. If someone has forgotten them, I suggest revising the press conference, ”

– Maia Sandu is sure.

However, the former associate of the current president in the political bloc ACUM Andrey Nastase I am sure that Sandu is mistaken, the best candidate for the post of head of government is he, the leader of the Platform DA Party. After all, his party has long formed a government team in anticipation of the moment when Nastase will become prime minister. His government, the ex-Interior Minister is sure, will be a real anti-crisis government.

“Platform DA” believes that it is impossible to leave the country to the PSRM-Shor coalition, it is better to create an anti-crisis government together with the president of the country, with the pro-European parties in parliament, which will solve the pressing problems of citizens and lay the foundation for free elections “,

– said Andrei Nastase on the air of the TV channel TV Magazine

He is outraged that Maia Sandu ignores his proposals to take the place of the head of government, although he proposed not only his candidacy and a ready cabinet of ministers, but also to re-create the political bloc ACUM. However, his initiatives were not heard by the president. In this connection, he proposed to all pro-European parties “Put pressure on the current president”so that she finally proposes a real candidate for prime minister.

And the candidate for the post of head of government from the PSRM Marianna Durlesteanu spoke on Tuesday with an address to the President of Moldova, in which she explained that she accepted the proposal of the socialists against the background of the political, pandemic and economic crisis in the country.

“I warn you that the state budget will be sustainable until June 2021, and the budget deficit will not be 14 billion lei, but double, that is, the country may collapse financially. I believe that a roadmap for early parliamentary elections should be developed with a clear indication of when they will take place and how the country will be governed during this period, ”

– wrote the ex-head of the Ministry of Finance on her page on the social network Facebook

According to her, the money for holding early parliamentary elections still needs to be found, otherwise the country’s economy will collapse in the second half of the year.

Marianna Durlesteanu invited the president to start a dialogue with all factions, and asked politicians not to mock the country.

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