May 14, 2021
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Socialism with a hacker face or hacktevism with a social one?

Socialism with a hacker face or hacktevism with a social one?

Photo: Nikolay Gyngazov / Global Look Press

The Colonial Pipeline management broke down a little, and transferred several million dollars to the “dark side” in “untraceable cryptocurrency”. Otherwise, it was fraught with not only economic but also political risks. Let me remind you the sequence of events: hackers got into the electronic brains of the American pipeline system, which is about 9 thousand kilometers long, which supplies almost half of the total fuel (from gasoline to jet fuel) from Texas to the US East Coast. How? Through the admin panel, connected to the technical control system, and got there via the regular Internet.

Having taken possession of at least 100 gigs of information, some of the stolen files were encrypted, promising to open them for a ransom. As a result – the “pipe” plug, the excitement, the rise in prices, the nervous reaction of the White House and the declared “state of emergency”. In short, it was cheaper to agree with the extortionists than to persist. Not for the first time, by the way, despite all the officially formidable “faces” and categorical statements “not to follow the lead.”

As if in mockery, the same hackers have already announced the following targets – Italian Valvitalia, French Heli-Union, American Irving Materials and All American Asphalt. Such an “international” became one of the reasons to talk about “our involvement”, because the suspected cyber group has not yet attacked either Russia or the CIS countries. Another reason is programming languages ​​and the failure of Western special forces in search of intruders. Oh, can’t we? Well, then it’s for sure that you are hiding somewhere. It is logical. Thank you for the fact that so far they are not directly associated with the “state regime”, although it is all the same – the quote “bears some responsibility.”

Oddly enough, but hacker anonymity here has a name – DarkSide (dark side) with allusions to either the darknet, or Star Wars, or everything at once. A group of electronic hackers, who call themselves that, has its own website on a hidden network (DarkNet – not to be confused with the “deep Internet”, that is, not indexed by search engines) and post reports on the work done, making various kinds of statements. For example, he apologizes for the “inconvenience” or promises not to touch “civilian objects”.

It also posts … donation reports with the following comments: “We are targeting exclusively large and profitable corporations. We think it’s fair that some of the money they paid will go to charity. No matter how bad your job is, we are still happy to have helped change someone’s life. “

And they did transfer bitcoins to various charities like “helping children living in extreme poverty” and “providing clean water to parts of sub-Saharan Africa.” It would seem, why, having a well-established business, albeit a criminal one, engage in “robingood”, exposing oneself to unnecessary risk and, at least, expenses that have nothing to do with the main profile? Um, why Julian Assange created WikiLeaks?

After all, he started exactly as a hacker, back in ancient 1991 he was arrested for breaking into the central server of the Canadian telecommunications company Nortel Networks (escaped with a fine). Well, I would continue to steal information further, for the sake of my own interest and profit, but no, I did not climb with the revelations of the powerful, ending up in a story that does not know how it ends.

We can also recall the ideological predecessors of today’s “Anonymous” – News groups. Only “news” they considered programs stolen from manufacturers who, in their opinion, raised unfair prices, because the “newsgroup” people laid out someone else’s software for free: “we take it from billionaires and give it back.”

There is even a special term “hacktevism” (respectively, from a hacker and activism), rooted in electronic roots in the 80s of the last century, when peculiar “principles of hacker ethics” were first formulated, such as “information – free access”, and “distrust of those in power. structures will lead to the decentralization of power ”. And this is already politics, with an attempt on the foundations of hierarchical management. Really, all power to councils (electronic)?

Over the past decades, “hacktevists” have attacked anyone – from Sony, Fox, the Pentagon and the CIA to the declaration of a cyber war between Iran and China (for human rights violations), hacking of ISIS * accounts and attacks on the resources of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Central Bank and the President of the Russian Federation almost from the moment this site was created. From the official point of view, of course, cyber terrorism, villainous extremism and “stupid vanity.” Although these children can be blamed for anything, but hardly in the absence of intelligence.

Then in “excessive ideology”? And what about the idea of ​​a secret and powerful partnership (socialis – comradely), which is always attractive to young idealists who are striving to change the world once again by transferring “new technologies to the people”, as once “factories to workers”?

The expropriation of the expropriators also fits into this concept, explaining deductions to charity and noisy announcements, instead of “ratting” the money quietly for the general joy of the stewards – you see, they are just selfish and nothing more! But “self-seekers” (and there are, of course, among the total number of hackers) do not attack intelligence, do not send DDoS to government agencies and do not steal information with its subsequent free disclosure …

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia

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