Apr 26, 2021
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“Social Revolutionaries” – the desman defenders wish to erect a monument to Stalin and King Mihai I of Romania in Moscow

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

Strange processes are taking place within the parliamentary, that is, a completely systemic party “Fair Russia” – patriots for the truth. “First, the” Social Revolutionaries “came up with the initiative to erect a monument Stalin in Moscow, albeit veiling the idea with a fig leaf – they say, it will be “a monument to all those awarded the Order of Victory,” and the monument to the leader of the peoples and the friend of all children and athletes will become the first and largest in this row, which is quite logical – after all, in the list of awardees Due to his modesty, Iosif Vissarionovich is listed at number 3 with the specified order, but certainly he is the main one.

To implement the idea of ​​”spravorassy” intend to begin on May 9, exactly on Victory Day, collecting signatures of workers, peasants and patriotic intelligentsia.

On Saturday morning, the party’s press service announced this to the whole world.

But in less than a few hours, the same press service completely denied this message: they say, there will be no collection of signatures, the action was not planned and, in general, the message about the monument to Stalin is a slander of unscrupulous media.

And the leader of the “Social Revolutionaries” Sergey Mironov explained, they say, this is not the idea of ​​the whole party, but of its individual authoritative member, and that they will not correct the lost in the SRPZP, because there is no need, and the views of this authoritative member and his historical sympathies are his purely personal affair …

Understanding this extravagant story, it is easy to remember that the Mironovites, in general, are somehow ridiculous, in an idiotic way, through one place. A quasi-party without a definite social base and a coherent political program, created from above to imitate opposition in the form of a moderate-left project, whipped up after the model of some European Social Democrats and Socialists, for this reason it is forced to play in a foreign field – something of its own … That is why the “spravoorussi” are shaking like a well-known substance in an ice-hole: for some reason they are starting a noisy campaign to save and revive the Russian desman – it would be better if they collected money for the treatment of ten sick children, then they look into the mouth of the anti-national government, then they try to be patriots from patriots. But it always looks tortured and insincere. And often – just caricature. Continuous “I’m not like that, I’m waiting for the tram” …

But with the memorial in honor of the holders of the commander’s award, it turned out just stupid.

Let me remind you that the Order of Victory is a special military award for the high military command, established in November 1943 after the onset of a radical change in the course of the Great Patriotic War. The statute of the order states that they can be awarded “For the successful conduct of such military operations on the scale of one or several fronts, as a result of which the situation radically changes in favor of the Red Army.”

In total, in the entire history of the order, there were 20 awards and 17 holders of the Order of “Victory” (three commanders – marshals Zhukov (number 1), Vasilevsky (number 2) and Stalin himself was awarded the order twice).

However, it seems that in the “Socialist-Revolutionary” environment they know little about history and did not study the material part at all, if they forgot that among those awarded with this order there were Dwight D. Eisenhower (number 11), a military leader, and then the 34th president of the United States from 1953 to 1961, an ardent anti-Soviet and enemy of the USSR, and also a British field marshal Bernard Montgomery (number 12), who also did not try to warm feelings to the Soviet allies, the Polish Marshal Michal Role-ymersky (number 14), who first fought against Russia on the Polish front in 1919-1920, commanding a division, then in the early 30s secretly joined the Polish Communist Party and during the Second World War led the Army Ludowa, the armed formations of the pro-Soviet Polish Committee for National Liberation.

And also on this list of awardees Josip Broz Tito (number 16), who was first given the Order of Victory, and then declared the head of the “fascist clique, the gang of Tito-Rankovich“Which “Acting on the instructions of the American-British imperialists, warmongers, she carried out a counter-revolutionary coup in Yugoslavia, turned the country into a colony of imperialist Wall Street predators and a staging ground for attacks on the Soviet Union and the countries of people’s democracies, established a cruel regime of the fascist-Gestapo type”

But the funniest thing is that the last king of Romania is among the holders of the Order of Victory. Mihai 1 (number 13), who for most of the war favored the war of the dictator Antonescu on the side of the Germans, but in 1944, when the smell of fried, made a palace coup and turned the Romanian bayonets against the former German allies.

Well, for a snack – the strangest reward. On February 20, 1978, the Victory Order was presented to the dear Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev (number 17)“For a great contribution to the victory of the Soviet people and their Armed Forces in the Great Patriotic War.”

Apparently, by that time, the list of other awards and titles for the marshal and general secretary had ended, and therefore it did not matter that Brezhnev ended the war as a major general, head of the political administration of the front. Of course, no one denies Brezhnev’s military merits, but he certainly was not a commander.

However, already during the “perestroika” decree on this award was canceled, and the order was confiscated from Brezhnev’s relatives and transferred to the Moscow Kremlin Museum Fund.

It is clear that some of the awards were dictated not by the military leadership talents and military merit of the characters, but exclusively by the political conjuncture of the time, which could change. But now the developers of various high-profile projects, before declaring them, would not be a sin to think about them with their heads.

What is this story for? And here’s what. If “spravorassy”, or their individual authoritative members, are going to erect a collective monument to the knights of the “Victory” order, then it turns out that the above historical characters should also erect monuments to all, since the idea of ​​such a “grandiose memorial” is precisely this. There should be no exceptions or omissions here.

I can imagine, for example, how the veil was pulled off from the figure of Dwight D. Eisenhower, and on the pedestal those present will read a fragment of his speech to students at Columbia University in 1950: “The United States of America is entrusted with the mission of leading the world. Your generation has been given a wonderful opportunity to contribute to making this leadership a moral, intellectual and material model for eternity. ”

How does it feel, huh? Although it is clear that under the guise of a common memorial to order-bearers, the authors of the idea are trying to hide the main thing – the desire to erect a monument to a very specific leader.

The question is not even whether Stalin deserves a monument. That is, not only a bust on his grave in the pantheon near the Kremlin wall. It is unlikely that we will find agreement in the country in our search for an answer to this question. Obviously, this idea introduces an additional split in society.

But why do Spravossians need such exotic approaches and maneuvers? Do they really want to score additional points and points for their activity before the parliamentary elections, playing blindfolded on the very left edge of the political field and taking away part of the voters from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation? This is unlikely to work.

It would be better if the desman was saved …

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