Oct 16, 2020
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Sobyanin called the timing of the recovery of the Moscow economy after the pandemic

Avoiding business closures due to tougher epidemiological measures is the main task of the Moscow government, the capital's economy may begin to recover in a few months with the end of the coronavirus pandemic, said the head of the city Sergei Sobyanin.

The mayor promised that the mountain authorities will provide support to entrepreneurs, at the moment such assistance is to prevent lockouts, transfers TASS.

I am sure that within a few months we will end this story with the pandemic and then it will simply grow. And all these sectors will recover. Can't help but recover. For our part, we will do our best to help. Today our main help is to prevent a lockout and business closure, - said the mayor.

Sobyanin also noted that small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow are developing very actively, they employ a significant part of the townspeople and about 23-24% of the income of the capital's treasury during this period belongs to SMEs. As the mayor emphasized, the city authorities have developed a whole program of business support, which includes terms, crediting, subsidizing loans, in addition to the federal program.

It is very important. But today it is an important story so that no one runs into fines, but observes the requirements. This is critical. Because if we do not observe them, and we do not follow this, then the whole system will fall apart. And with complete, total non-compliance with the rules, we will be forced to close the business, and it will be much, much worse- added the mayor.

According to the head of the city, during the time after the lifting of the strict restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, business is recovering quickly: in general, the volume of trade is at the level of last year, catering has not fully recovered, by about 80%.

As wrote earlier, personal protective equipment in a pandemic in Russia is enough for everyone, at the moment the need for masks reaches nine million pieces per day, the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade reported.


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