Feb 16, 2021
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Sobyanin approved the amount of additional payments to medical workers treating COVID-19

The head of the Moscow administration, Sergei Sobyanin, has approved the amount of additional payments to medical workers treating COVID-19. This was reported by the press service of the mayor and the Moscow government following a meeting of the city government presidium.

It is reported that 70 thousand rubles per month will be added to the salaries of hospital doctors, 50 thousand rubles for nursing staff, 30 thousand rubles for junior medical and other personnel.

The report states that employees of the Puchkov ambulance station, the Scientific and Practical Center for Emergency Medical Aid, employees of outpatient CT centers and city polyclinics who treat patients with coronavirus at home will also receive surcharges.

In total, 3 billion rubles will be allocated this year for the implementation of incentive payments to medical workers providing assistance to patients with coronavirus.

During the pandemic, the health care system was mobilized in the capital. Thanks to the creation of strong outpatient centers on the basis of polyclinics, it was possible to provide massive CT diagnostics and timely assistance to people. The victims of the pandemic were admitted to large multidisciplinary hospitals and new hospitals built in the shortest possible time. So, for example, the infectious diseases hospital in Voronovsky, erected in just 34 days, will serve the city for several decades.

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