Apr 26, 2021
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Sobchak screechingly responded to Shnurov’s statement and accused him of betrayal

Ksenia Sobchak spoke out harshly after Sergei Shnurov denied their past friendship. The TV presenter on Instagram accused the singer of betrayal and stabbed in the back.

Sobchak screechingly responded to Shnurov's statement and accused him of betrayal

Earlier, Shnurov, in the YouTube program “Sagittarius-fellow”, spoke about their interactions with Sobchak.

He, in particular, said that he had an abyss of cards from social events, at which he hugs not all Ksenia, but other “heifers” as well.

Cord said that he had never found her a friend, she was simply a “convenient opponent.” According to him, if you spit at Sobchak, she will hiss, kick her – she will answer.

The TV presenter, apparently, was stung. She stated that she found their relationship a friendship. And she reminded the musician of talking until the morning, joint trips to France and Bali, invitations home.

Sobchak admitted that when Shnurov suddenly disappeared, she felt pain. And unusual – when he began to write about her “disgusting poetry.” She asked if Sergei’s knife had hurt her hump.

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