May 15, 2020
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Sobchak photographed Bogomolov on the video of “eating the bark”

Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov being in the Moscow Region on self-isolation, walk around the site near the country house.

It seems that the TV presenter and director got bored, and decided to amuse themselves and the fans.

Sobchak videotaped a strange sight as a husband eats a tree bark. From the natural landscape of her site, she turns her gaze to Bogomolov standing by a tree, who depicts a bark beetle on a video.

The director slowly turns to Sobchak, accelerates and, with bulging eyes, runs straight at her .

Still, the main trouble of the Moscow region is bark beetles, "-

signed the record Ksenia

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Fans appreciated the joke while watching the video.

"Everyone goes crazy in his own way, and it's fun," "this is the only unique instance, Ksenia Beregite", "Bark beetles ... Mantis", "P this mouth will be the greatest misfortune of the Moscow region, "-

they wrote in the comments under the post.

However, there were and those who criticized Ksenia and Konstantin.

There’s nothing to do, "" There’s nothing funny, " "Apparently, drinking alcohol had a bad effect on the brain," -

the haters said.

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