Apr 25, 2022
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Sobchak explained the purchase of an apartment in Dubai with a desire to save capital

Journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak reacted to publications that report her buying an apartment in Dubai. The socialite claims that she does not plan to live in the UAE, and she acquired real estate for the sake of capital preservation.

According to media reports, the famous blonde bought an apartment worth more than 60 million rubles in an elite residential complex in Dubai. Sobchak commented on this news in the Telegram channel.

“Tell me, is this also forbidden? As far as I know, in our friendly countries, any Russian citizen can honestly and calmly buy real estate for himself. As far as I remember, the UAE is a friendly country to us,” the journalist said.
According to the TV presenter, the world is waiting for serious inflation, so she encourages everyone to invest part of the capital in real estate. The socialite herself plans to invest about 30% of her investment portfolio in this area. Although during inflation, investing in real estate is not very liquid, but they allow you to save part of the finances, Sobchak explained.

“Therefore, real estate is growing strongly in Dubai. And in general, there is a super, of course, a heated market. I will tell you separately about my impressions of Dubai, because I have a lot of them. And I never loved this plastic world, but from the point of view of the economy, they are, of course, magicians and giants, ”the celebrity emphasized.

The journalist added that she was not going to live in Dubai, as well as in Israel. However, the TV presenter is actively looking for friendly countries for investment, which seems to her quite normal in a difficult economic situation.

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