Jan 28, 2021
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“So we’ll get to the Civil War”

The mayor of the Dutch city of Eindhoven, John Joritsma, criticized yesterday’s massive protests against quarantine restrictions, whose participants staged pogroms and clashes with law enforcement officers. He said that he could resort to the help of the army to prevent an escalation of the situation in the city.

He stated this in a comment to reporters.

“You see, I am very angry. We do not need this to happen either in the city or in the country. We have been fighting the crisis for 11 months, and here such idiots appear. You see, they came to defend their rights! at the expense of those people who suffered the most, at the expense of those shops that are closed. They smashed these shops to pieces. At this rate, we will come to a civil war. It is necessary to introduce an army, otherwise I do not know how to solve this problem! ” – said the mayor.

Since mid-December last year, a total quarantine has been introduced in the country, within which all stores that do not sell food and essential goods, as well as gyms and cultural and entertainment establishments, have been closed. And from January 23, a curfew came into force, which operates from 21:00 to 04:30.

We will remind, yesterday in Eindhoven and Amsterdam were held mass rallies against the restrictions imposed in connection with the spread of coronavirus disease. The police used water cannons and batons against the protesters, in response, fireworks were fired at law enforcement officers. Demonstrators later began setting fire to cars and robbing shops, and traffic was suspended at the local train station. 190 people were detained in Amsterdam, at least 55 people in Eindhoven.

Earlier we wrote that a similar action in Prague was less destructive. The protesters brought a symbolic coffin, a toilet bowl and lighted candles to the house of Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis.

Photo: During the protests, demonstrators burned cars and smashed shop windows. Photo: The Guardian

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