Aug 27, 2021
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“So good without a wig!”: Alla Pugacheva changed her hairstyle and delighted fans

People’s Artist Alla Pugacheva has been experimenting with her appearance in recent years, but her hairstyle has not changed for a long time. The singer preferred to wear wigs and hide her own hair under artificial hair.

Alla Pugacheva has many meetings and events, the other day she went to visit fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin. A joint photo of the visit was leaked and received a lot of comments. A portion of compliments also went to Yudashkin, who, despite rumors of an illness, looks cheerful.

Fans noticed that Alla Borisovna changed her hair and said that she was very good without a wig. The artist did not use a wig or false hair, and just did an elegant styling. However, the haters were also not silent and discussed Alla’s appearance, not forgetting to let go of several insults at the prima donna.

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