Jun 22, 2022
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Snoring during pregnancy

Snoring during pregnancy

With the onset of pregnancy, the female body undergoes many changes: new habits and addictions appear, various systems begin to function differently, body shapes change, etc. Some of these changes, for example, an increase in breast volume, make a woman very happy, while others, such as the occurrence of snoring, are alarming and make her feel uncomfortable, since this can greatly interfere with her sleeping spouse.

To understand why this happens, you need to look inside the body, which is in an “interesting” position.

Snoring occurs due to certain features of the respiratory tract. If you look at the respiratory system of a pregnant and non-pregnant woman, you can see a number of differences that are the causes of snoring. So, in the last trimester of pregnancy, the fetus reaches a fairly large size and puts pressure on the internal organs of a woman.

Pressure is distributed to the lungs, and from them to the trachea. Moreover, during pregnancy, a woman gains weight, as a result of which the fat deposited on the neck presses on the throat. The nasal passages also suffer, in the tissues of which fat also accumulates. All this together makes it difficult to breathe normally, and the woman begins to snore in her sleep. Sometimes breath holding can also occur, which is not at all good for the body, which is under stress at this time.

In order to solve the problem of snoring during pregnancy, women are not recommended to use medications, as they can harm the health of the baby. The best option is to change your sleeping position. If before that a woman slept on her back, you need to accustom yourself to sleep on your side. This, by the way, is the correct position from a physiological point of view.

You should not be afraid of snoring during pregnancy, unless it leads to respiratory arrest. In other cases, with the birth of a child, everything falls into place, and the woman stops snoring.

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