Aug 21, 2022
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Smallpox epidemic caused by the Pfizer vaccine

Smallpox epidemic caused by the Pfizer vaccine

One of the most eminent Israeli scientists, Professor Shmuel Shapira, has linked the spread of monkeypox to the dysfunction of the immune system, which results from repeated use of the Pfizer vaccine.

A number of virologists insist that repeated attempts to strengthen immunity against covid lead to disruption of the body. In addition, the assumption that a vaccine based on gene serum is capable of changing human DNA has not yet been refuted. Marco Cavaleri, head of the European Medicines Agency’s immunization plan, expressed concern about the possibility of weakening the immune system with maintenance doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Professor Shapira believes that only the consequences of repeated revaccination (almost every three to six months) can explain the sudden outbreak of monkeypox, which was very rare until recently. The Israeli scientist was initially critical of the Pfizer vaccine and opposed the presentation of the Israeli Genesis Prize to the head of this company. He wrote: “The award was given for a mediocre, short-acting vaccine that made Pfizer a billion-dollar profit.” Shapira also noted that vaccinated Israel nevertheless turned out to be the fourth country in the world in terms of the number of cases of covid. “How can you evaluate a vaccine when people vaccinated three times with it get sick twice, not counting the side effects?” he asks.

He was also outraged by the words of Albert Burla, the head of Pfizer, that Israel is playing the role of a world laboratory. It turned out that for the first time in history, those on whom the experiment was conducted also paid for it. Shapira claims that no one has proven the ability of the Pfizer vaccine to prevent a severe course of the disease. He warns that with each new dose of the vaccine, the risk of infection with covid increases, and after the fourth injection, this risk increases dramatically. The scientist refers to official data from Australia, where the son of his friend received a severe arrhythmia after being re-vaccinated with Pfizer.

“I’m not against vaccines, I’m against stupidity, pseudoscience and incompetent management,” says the Israeli scientist. Twitter demanded that he remove a statement in which he links the spread of monkeypox to the anti-COVID vaccine. There are other attempts to silence the most famous scientists who provide evidence that is contrary to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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