Nov 24, 2021
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Small armchairs: how to choose and fit into the interior

Small armchairs: how to choose and fit into the interior

What is a small chair? When should you choose it? What options are there and which one is suitable for a particular room?

It is mistakenly believed that small armchairs are purchased to save space or exclusively in the children’s room.

Yes, they take up less space and are suitable for small spaces. But there is grace and gloss in miniature models. Therefore, they can be found in spacious apartments, offices and even catering establishments.

The content of the article

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of models
  2. What are compact chairs
  3. What miniature models are made of
  4. Small armchair style
  5. Selection recommendations
  6. Examples in the interior

Advantages and disadvantages of models

Small pieces of furniture are often used in modern interiors. Their advantages, according to buyers:

  • They take up little space. A miniature structure will fit into a corner or niche – where furniture of regular sizes cannot fit, and will decorate the interior. Small armchairs for small rooms and children’s rooms are ideal, but this is far from the only option.
  • Easy to rearrange. Small furniture has a corresponding weight, so it is not difficult to move it. Small chairs are the choice of people who move from time to time.
  • Looks appropriate in any room. Models can be placed in the hallway, on the loggia, in the bedroom, in the living room or study.
  • They perform several functions at the same time. Some designs such as pouf chairs have compartments for storing clothes, shoes, toys.
  • Lower price. If you compare the small armchair to the standard size model, the former is cheaper. Thanks to savings in material and production time.

Mini chairs have one drawback: they will not replace the huge and soft brother in terms of comfort. You can hardly get enough sleep or climb into a baby chair, wrapped in a blanket.

What are compact chairs

comfortable little armchair

Some small chairs are used for beauty and storage of things (for example, banquets in the hallway), others are used for relaxation. The functionality depends on the species.

The most popular baby chairs:

  • Classic soft models. Their key purpose is a comfortable stay. The structures upholstered in textiles are equipped with soft armrests and the same backrests.
  • Transforming options. Convertible chairs are a solution for small rooms. Thanks to the built-in mechanism, the models turn into a sleeping place – an option for a child or guests. When placing a small folding chair, keep in mind that there should be free space around.
  • Recliners. Finding an elegantly sized recliner chair is tricky, but there are options too. Features of this type: the ability to adjust the angle of the backrest and the presence of a footrest.
  • Rotating structures. Models on one leg and casters – office and play. Usually equipped with a high back and armrests.
  • Frameless. These are huge bags filled with air or rubber balls. The first option is used on the beach, the second – in the office, at home, in the playroom. The peculiarity of bean bags is that they completely envelop the body and provide a comfortable pastime.
  • Rocking chairs. Miniature options for relaxation. Usually they are made of rattan or vines, there are structures made of wood and even plastic. Small rocking chairs are installed on a balcony or loggia.

Variety allows you to choose elegant furniture for work or living quarters, play area or catering establishments.

What miniature models are made of

The main mistake when buying furniture: pay attention to the color, shape and size, but not take into account the material. Although it depends on him how long the product will last, whether it will be easy to wash and clean it.

Structures can have a frame made of wood, metal or even plastic. The latter option is good for playrooms: a small chair is suitable for a child in size and weight, easy to clean, and not afraid of damage.

If the product is padded, there may be natural down, foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, holofiber or other types of filler inside.

The upholstery deserves special attention. The appearance and durability of the product depend on it. Popular baby seat materials:

  • Velours… Short-haired fabric with a noble sheen. Pleasant not only to the eye, but also to the touch. It is sometimes confused with velvet and corduroy. The material is durable, but it tends to rub off from intensive use. You can bring the velor back to its original form with a brush with a medium-hard bristle. The velor upholstery is washed with a washing vacuum cleaner.
  • Polyester… Synthetic material: super durable, long lasting color saturation and texture. Unlike natural fabrics, polyester can withstand high temperatures and is not afraid of moisture. Another plus is the low price.
  • Jacquard… Thick fabric with synthetic or natural fibers. Smooth to the touch, usually with ornaments. The pattern on the textiles is the result of weaving threads. To clean this upholstery, you will need a damp cloth and detergent.
  • Flock… A fabric that repels moisture. Synthetic fibers are also resistant to minor mechanical damage. Flock is easy to clean – a damp sponge is suitable for this purpose.
  • Leather… Small armchairs are often overtightened with artificial leather. It looks aesthetically pleasing and costs much less than natural. Eco-leather is unpretentious in care: just wipe the surface with a damp cloth. But there is a caveat: the skin is vulnerable to mechanical damage.

When buying an upholstered piece of furniture, check with the manufacturer if there is a spare piece of material. If the upholstery is damaged, you will have something to fix it.

Small armchair style

trendy little armchairs

Small armchairs are an alternative to large ones: suitable for living room, bedroom. And unlike standard ones, they can decorate a corridor or a loggia, as mentioned above. What styles are there for small pieces of furniture? Let’s highlight the most popular:

  • Loft… A seat and backrest made of soft material with filling and a frame made of metal are a feature of this style. Although massive furniture is usually used in such an interior, a miniature version is also suitable: for example, as a banquet in the hallway.
  • Scandinavian… Furniture in cold gray-blue-beige tones is a sign of a style that originated in Northern Europe. Products with streamlined shapes, smoothed corners. Often the base is mounted on round wooden legs.
  • Art Deco… A symbiosis of luxury and laconicism – this is how baby chairs look in this case. Velor or velvet is used as upholstery. Products are usually of clear geometric shapes, the lines tend upward. This small art deco armchair is a good solution for a living room.
  • Country… In this direction, graceful wood products with soft upholstery are welcome. Chairs can be made from a pallet and upholstered in coarse textiles with a delicate print.
  • Boho chic… The furniture is similar to that of a doll’s: miniature, colorful. Sometimes with patchwork upholstery. Usually low-rise.
  • Ethno-style… Products made of rattan, vines, untreated wood, upholstered with natural materials. This trend is characterized by animal prints.

Among the large selection of small armchairs, there is sure to be an option that perfectly complements the design of your room.

Selection recommendations

stylish little armchair

Despite the small size, the choice of products must be treated with special attention. Even the smallest detail can ruin the interior.

Several criteria for choosing a piece of furniture:

  • Think about where the structure will stand. Take preliminary measurements to see if the product will fit. If the chair will be next to the table, match the height.
  • Make sure the model fits into the design. For a product to look harmonious, it is not necessary to buy it with a sofa or sofa. Throw a blanket or pillow over the chair in the color that is prevalent in the room.
  • Decide on the materials. What is the frame made of, what is the soft surfaces upholstered, what is inside – all this affects the durability and aesthetics. And it depends on these characteristics how to care for the product.
  • Consider the peculiarities of operation. For example, when choosing a chair for a nursery, avoid models with sharp corners or high legs. Choose products with a surface that is easy to clean. A mini child seat should be as stable as possible.

If you choose furniture on the site, look at the photos, enlarge them. It is important that the seams are neat, the decor is securely attached.

Do you still have doubts? Ask clarifying questions to the consultant.

Examples in the interior

small armchair in the interior

Do you want to buy a beautiful little armchair that will look interesting in the interior? Then take note of the following tips:

  • Convertible chairs are usually installed in the children’s room. During the day it is a miniature piece of furniture, and at night it is a real cozy bed. Bright options from soft and easy to clean fabrics are what you need.
  • Armchairs in the bedroom can perform an exclusively decorative role – to fill the space in an empty niche and create coziness. Usually, classic soft designs are chosen for these purposes.
  • Small-sized bags are appropriate in the game: it is impossible to injure yourself about them, it is not so easy to spoil them.
  • The classic union is a fireplace and a rocking chair. If there is not enough space in the room, a miniature rocking chair will save the day. You can add coziness by placing a coffee table next to it.

A model of almost any design is easy to fit into the interior using decorative flowers, garlands, vases, and blankets.

The baby chair is a versatile option that fits comfortably in any room. Small armchairs repeat the designs of furniture of usual sizes and are made from the same materials. But they look more elegant and cost less.

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