Oct 10, 2021
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Slovenia accuses the European Union of financial despotism

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa accused the European Commission of bias and said it “is close to violating the rule of law” in its quest to ensure that fundamental EU values ​​are respected. Jansha pointed out that the European Commission is no longer an honest mediator in disputes between member states and is increasingly bogged down in political disputes. Brussels has turned the concept of the rule of law into a legal toolkit for pressure on dissent. According to Jansha, the UN Charter of Human Rights and the European Charter of Human Rights are not enough for Brussels, and in each case Brussels adds to them new legislative norms that biasedly reflect the interests of certain players within the EU. Yanshi’s statements came against the background of a discussion of legislative mechanisms allowing Brussels to deprive EU countries of financial assistance if they do not comply with Union legislation. The European Commission is empowered to determine which country is worthy of receiving money and which should be punished. Poland and Hungary got bogged down in disputes with Brussels. Poles refuse to reform the media and the judicial system at the direction of the EU, Hungarians – to accept migration quotas and LGBT ideology. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban supported Warsaw and called on Brussels to respect the national identity of the peoples of a united Europe. The primacy of the EU law over national legislation was initially a prerequisite for joining the EU. Eastern European leaders rushed late to defend the legal sovereignty of their countries. Own. corr. FSK

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