Jan 5, 2022
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Slovakia is against the deployment of NATO military in its country

Agreement on military cooperation between Slovakia and the United States cannot be signed since 2019

A draft defense cooperation agreement between Slovakia and the United States was considered during interagency coordination. However, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Slovakia opposed the adoption of the draft, announcing that it had at least 35 fundamental objections to the text of the agreement.

The influential Slovak National Party also opposes the draft agreement, warning that this document poses a threat to state sovereignty, because after its signing, foreign military will be deployed in the country.

Indeed, according to the text of the agreement between Bratislava and Washington, the American armed forces will have at their disposal the Slovak air bases Malacky-Kuhinja (the base is located in the west of Slovakia) and Sliac (in the center of the country). In addition, the agreement allows the US military to use any other military facilities in Slovakia, if the need arises.

The Ministry of Defense of Slovakia will benefit from the conclusion of this agreement – the country’s army will receive funding from Washington. Not surprisingly, the main lobbyist for the document is the Minister of Defense of Slovakia. Yaroslav Nagy

The head of the Ministry of Defense assured the Prosecutor General’s Office that his department will carefully analyze all 35 comments, take them into account and make appropriate amendments to the text of the document. After that, the agreement will have to undergo one more examination by state authorities.

The agreement is planned to be concluded for a period of ten years with the possibility of its automatic extension.

The defense cooperation agreement between Slovakia and the United States has a long history. Back in March 2019, the Slovak Ministry of Defense announced that they were withdrawing from negotiations to sign an agreement on cooperation in the field of defense. Defense minister Peter Gaidos then he said that this agreement would jeopardize the country’s sovereignty, and Washington’s proposals to modernize two military airfields in Slovakia do not meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defense.

Peter Gaidosz also criticized the content of the document. According to him, the agreement is drawn up in such a way that it does not indicate the exact amount of foreign military equipment that will be present in Slovakia, nor does it indicate the type of weapons.

But only a year has passed and the new Defense Minister Jaroslav Nagy in 2020 took the initiative to provide the US military with the opportunity to serve in Slovakia.

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