Oct 17, 2021
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Slimmer Anna Mikhalkova now looks like her sister


47-year-old actress Anna Mikhalkova shared fresh photos in which, according to fans, she became like her younger sister Nadezhda.

Anna Mikhalkova shared new shots from a business trip. The eldest daughter of Nikita Sergeevich is filming in Kaliningrad in the project of the TV channel Russia-1 called “Vasnetsova”.

On footage from the trip, the actress can hardly be recognized, because she has lost a lot of weight recently. Fans drew attention to how Mikhalkova’s face changed. Instead of chubby cheeks, the artist shows the audience chiseled cheekbones. By the way, having dropped the excess, Anna became very similar to her younger sister Nadezhda. It seems a little more and soon they will begin to be confused.

Anna Mikhalkova
Anna Mikhalkova

October is a month of hopes and expectations“, – signed the photo from Kaliningrad Mikhalkov.

Fans write sincere compliments to Mikhalkova and are eager to find out her secret of fighting overweight.
So similar to Nadya, she has grown even more !! ”,“ Anna, you have become very similar to Nadya. Very cute and mysterious, I wish you many joys and success! ❤️ “,” Now you look very cool! 🔥🔥🔥 ”,“ Anna Nikitichna, you are a stunning girl! 🌷 ”,“ How you and your sister are alike here! 😍 especially on 2 photos!“, – write Mikhalkova on Instagram.

Anna Mikhalkova
Anna Mikhalkova

In fact, Mikhalkova previously said that she began to lose weight not in order to impress fans. The actress struggled with health problems, or rather hypertension, so she went on a strict diet. Thanks to dietary restrictions and sports, she was able to say goodbye to 15 extra pounds.

And this summer, the actress also lost weight. This was facilitated by the purchase of farm cottage cheese and sour cream, after the use of which Anna had to undergo treatment for a long time and sit on a strict diet.

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