Apr 26, 2021
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Sleep paralysis: how dangerous is this frightening condition

With sleep paralysis, a person cannot move (or, for example, speak) while falling asleep or waking up. Among the symptoms and manifestations of this condition:

  • Wakefulness without the ability to move, speak, or even open your eyes.
  • The feeling that someone is nearby.
  • Feeling that someone or something is pressing on the chest.
  • It may seem to a person that something is pushing him.
  • Feeling of fear.

This state lasts no more than a few seconds or minutes and in itself is absolutely harmless, although it gives a lot of unpleasant experiences. At the same time, sometimes sleep paralysis can be associated with other diseases and require the attention of a specialist.

Sometimes sleep paralysis can be superimposed on dreams, which are often unpleasant in nature. Here lie the roots of many legends and beliefs about evil spirits that torment sleeping people. Due to the altered perception of time, this state may seem to last long enough and is accompanied by a lack of air. Sometimes a sensation of false movements may appear when a person thinks that he is turning, although in fact the body is motionless.

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