Apr 7, 2021
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Slava’s daughter with tears in her eyes complained about people making fun of her appearance

16:21, 04/07/2021

The star mom reacted sharply to the offenders and supported her heiress.

The 21-year-old daughter of the singer Slava Alexandra has recently been constantly accused of living at the expense of her mother. Sasha does not hide the fact that her mother buys her expensive things, pays for housing and gives gifts. Now the offenders attacked the star heiress again and began to write angry comments about her appearance. The girl, in frustrated feelings, told in her Stories that her readers accuse her of being constantly “on show”. Alexandra hastened to note that it seems so to them only because she has such a face structure, since her lips are lowered down, but in fact she is the simplest person in the world.

“Now I looked at the comments under my mother’s last video, I felt very upset. Well, I have such a structure of my face that my lips are lowered down, that you say that I am constantly on show. In general, it seems to me, I am the simplest person in the world that can only be, ”Alexandra said in her Stories.

Shot from Alexandra’s Stories

The star mother decided not to stand aside and spoke sharply about her daughter’s offenders. In her microblog on Instagram, Slava wrote an angry post in which she urged commentators not to offend Alexandra. The singer explained that she works with her daughter’s facial expressions, so she still has everything ahead.

“Bastards brought the child to tears. Bring down from my insta, criticism (further obscene, Prim. line.) !!! I have the kindest and nicest subscribers. And what about Sasha, she is the sweetest and kindest person in the world !!! We will work with facial expressions, not all at once, and we have everything ahead, and no one will stop because of you fools !!! And to all of our and Sashunya almost already native subscribers, thank you very much for your kind attitude and support !!!! ” – the singer angrily answered the offenders (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. line.)

Singer Slava responded to her daughter’s offenders

We will remind, last year Alexandra began to sing, performing under the pseudonym “Mom’s Daughter”. The singer Slava herself became its producer. Now Alexandra has already released two tracks and one video. And at the beginning of September last year, she received her first music award. Also at the end of January, Alexandra admitted that she decided to open her own business. In her microblog on Instagram, Slava’s daughter noted that she dreams of her mother being proud of her achievements, which is why she launched her own clothing line.

Singer Slava and her daughter Alexandra

Singer Slava is raising two daughters. The star gave birth to her eldest daughter, Alexandra, in 1999 from her first husband, Konstantin Morozov. The younger Antonina was born in 2011 in a civil marriage with businessman Anatoly Daniletsky. It is worth noting that the artist has been in a relationship with Anatoly for about 18 years, but they are still not married. But neither the absence of a stamp in the passport, nor the age difference of 28 years, prevents the lovers from demonstrating their idyll.

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