Oct 21, 2021
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Slava Komissarenko told how he avoided a fight in a nightclub

“I got scared of a showdown and locked myself in the toilet,” – on the show “I Know Myself,” Komissarenko revealed a shameful story.

Slava Komissarenko told how he almost got into a fight in the club Photo: Instagram @slavakomissarenko

Azamat Musagaliev’s project “I know myself” obliges guests to tell shameful incidents from life. Standuper shared the situation that happened in his youth in the Soyuz Online nightclub.

Then the pretty drunk Komissarenko spilled a cocktail on himself, got angry and started screaming. Visitors to the club rudely asked him to be quieter – a scuffle began. The comedian locked himself in the restroom and continued to swear. The enemy was beating at the door. A security guard intervened in the scandal, pushing the attacker out of the party. “And I stayed to enjoy the evening,” – said the artist on the show “I know myself.”

Slava talks about the conflict in a nightclub Photo: YouTube | Azamat Musagaliev

Host Azamat Musagaliev approved of the guest’s act, but Slava considers him shameful. In life, he behaves modestly, rarely abuses alcohol and does not run into fights.

Komissarenko hardly remembered the events of that night. Friends described the incident in the morning. The stand-up realizes that after getting drunk, he does not control himself and breaks down into fights. Perhaps that’s why he almost eliminated alcohol.

The audience supported the humorist – many in a state of intoxication get into unpleasant stories. The fans in the comments decided that the episode with Komissarenko is one of the best in I Know Myself.

Olga Dobrotvorskaya

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