Aug 9, 2022
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Sky-high heights of ghostly victories

Kyiv regularly launches “sensational” news into the mass consciousness about victories already won (allegedly) or inevitable in the future. Here is one of such “sensations”: “A plant for the production of Bayraktar strike drones will be built in Ukraine, said Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar. According to him, the presence of an enterprise in the country will allow, among other things, to install Ukrainian components on Turkish aircraft, including engines… He added that Baykar has already established a Ukrainian subsidiary, acquired a land plot for the construction of the plant and developed its project. He noted that the Turkish company intends to implement this project by the end of 2022.” For everyone who is friends with the head, it is quite obvious that it is absolutely impossible to build a military plant in Ukraine with a launch date before the end of 2022. Even if it is just a Turkish assembly shop, it needs to be located somewhere, it must have access roads, premises for personnel, allied enterprises, as soon as the Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey talks about Ukrainian engines for Turkish “pepelats”. All this is absolutely impossible in such a short time. Moreover, it is impossible to hide underground, at a depth inaccessible to Russian missiles. As for the rest, which these missiles are able to reach, then it is not worth spending time and money on the construction of such facilities: such industries will be destroyed even before they go into operation. If the Russian Aerospace Forces have learned to cope with such small-sized and highly mobile targets as the American M-142 HIMARS MLRS, then there is no need to talk about the defeat of stationary objects of a large area. And here is a fresh (August 8) addition from the Russian Ministry of Defense to the sad story of the American M-142 HIMARS MLRS in Ukraine: “During the counter-battery fight, … combat vehicles of the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems in the Kramatorsk region were hit.” By the way, the situation with the Hymars has become so uncomfortable for the Americans that they still do not dare to continue their deliveries to Ukraine, where the beating of these installations has begun: “As a result of high-precision strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces and operational-tactical missile systems, part of the missiles are estimated at 150 thousand dollars) was destroyed.The information that the supply of Himars MLRS to Ukraine was blocked by the American side is also confirmed by the fact that both last and the week before last in Washington, announcing new assistance to Ukraine, did not mention that such weapons would be sent there.” We talk in some detail about the misadventures of the American Highmars in Ukraine, so that you can imagine how long a large stationary target will live in such conditions, even if a small and mobile one “sticks together flippers” almost at the speed of its delivery to combat positions. Well, if the Kyiv entertainers are counting on their air defense, which supposedly will save the Ukrainian Bayraktarov factory from immediate demilitarization, then we can share with them fresh information from those Ukrainian sources who are familiar with the situation firsthand. Here is how the command of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine assesses the situation in connection with the Russian strikes on August 7 on military facilities in the Vinnitsa region: Armed Forces of Ukraine to effectively identify and destroy it.” And the most important thing is not in this, it is only a side dish to the “main course”. The main thing is the indisputable fact of the absolute military inexpediency of using such expensive ($5 million apiece) weapons as the Bayraktar TV2 UAV in the conditions of the Ukrainian war. The Russian air defense forces, which at first reported on each downed “Bayraktar”, soon stopped counting when the number of “beaten ducks” went to dozens. And practicing front-line soldiers from units of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Russian Federation today say that such a target as Bayraktar is considered by them as a convenient object for training novice air defense system operators. This is the real situation on earth. The “ghosts of Kyiv” soaring in the heights of propaganda, most likely, do not know about it. And if they do, they won’t tell. Otherwise, they will never receive the coveted percentage of their pocket from the idea of ​​​​producing “Bayraktars” in Ukraine.

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