Sep 20, 2021
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“Skinny as a 12-year-old teenager”: the network is discussing new photos of the singer MakSim, taken during a walk

After a coma and a two-month hospital stay, singer MakSim (Marina Abrosimova) is undergoing rehabilitation at home. The artist is engaged in health, in particular, gaining weight.

Today in her blog there were fresh photos taken while walking with her daughters. Marina is wearing a white denim suit, emphasizing her thinness. Fans compared Abrosimova to a teenager.

“As if 12 years old! Thin! ”,“ Legs-sticks, but alive! ”, – responded subscribers.

At the time of discharge, MakSim weighed 35 kilograms, within a month at home she had already gained 10 and began to feel much better.

Recently, Ksenia Sobchak found confirmation that Abrosimova does not lead the public by the nose, but really spent a long time in a coma.

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