Jun 23, 2022
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Skin whitening with lemon

Skin whitening with lemon

It is even surprising that in our era of hype for a tanned body, so many women dream of the opposite – effective skin whitening. By the way, before the revolution, the noblewomen knew everything they could about whitening, but today we have forgotten these simple recipes, although, apparently, it makes sense to return to them.

What can whitening recipes be useful for? Sometimes on our face canapushkas appear, age spots appear. By the way, the latter often come out during pregnancy, when a woman’s metabolic processes in the body change. We note the fact that there are bleaching agents among professional cosmetics, but we will not dwell on their action in detail, but rather we will talk about natural recipes for skin whitening.

Lemon is a wonderful ingredient that can be added to various whitening formulations. By the way, lemon is often added to hair masks; at home, they can be used to restore shine and natural strength. However, back to the recipes for skin whitening with lemon.

Lemon should be cut into pieces, pour water, let it brew for an hour. Then wipe the skin with a cotton swab dipped in lemon water. Note that the product is suitable for normal and oily skin. Sensitive and dry skin with such whitening will have a hard time, because lemon juice dries the skin and, if it gets into small wounds, it can pinch. If there are large spots on the face or elsewhere, you can try applying lemon slices directly to this place. The effectiveness of using this folk recipe is quite high, after 4-7 procedures the skin whitening effect will be noticeable.

Another lemon recipe for whitening age spots: take 1 lemon, squeeze the juice. Break one egg, separate the protein, beat it. Mix lemon and protein, then add 1 tsp to the mixture. glycerin. To enhance the whitening effect, you can add cologne to the mixture.

A wonderful recipe for skin whitening with freckles. We need: half a glass of milk, juice? parts of a lemon, vodka (1 tablespoon) Mix the ingredients, then put the container with them on the fire, bring to a boil. After that, the resulting foam should be removed and 2 tsp should be added to the mixture. sand sugar. It is recommended to do rubbing with the mixture during the daytime, before going outside.

Folk recipes for face whitening may not be a panacea in the fight against freckles and age spots, but they will reduce the number of these not very pleasant skin defects.

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