Mar 8, 2022
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Six valuable medicinal plants to grow at home

Six valuable medicinal plants to grow at home

In many homes, potted plants decorate the interior. We take care of them, cut them, change the soil and water them. Plants supply us with oxygen, regulate air humidity, fight bacteria, viruses and fungal spores, and absorb harmful chemicals from the environment.


One of the most valuable plants we can plant at home is aloe vera. The leaves of this flower are a treasure trove of substances valuable for health. Aloe vera compress soothes wounds, ulcers and burns.

The juice that is in its leaves treats allergies, lowers blood sugar and strengthens the immune system. All thanks to aloin, barbaloin and aloemodin – these compounds are used in the production of bactericidal and firming preparations. Laboratory tests have shown that aloe-emodins are useful even in the treatment of leukemia.


Mint is used not only in the kitchen. It is also used in natural medicine. It is mainly recommended for gastrointestinal diseases, relieves abdominal pain, reduces nausea, indigestion, indigestion, intestinal colic. Mint is an herb that can be used for skin changes caused by herpes or smallpox.

Peppermint leaves are used for diseases of the liver and bile ducts, such as cholecystitis, liver failure and impaired production


This plant has regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has a positive effect on our immunity. Kalanchoe contains a large amount of vitamin C, as well as many macro – and microelements. Juice or wrapping from living stems will help cure respiratory diseases, acne and rheumatic pains.

The leaves have bactericidal, virucidal and antifungal properties. They destroy staphylococci and streptococci. The plant suppresses inflammation in the body by destroying bacteria and breaking down the toxins they produce. In addition, it has a positive effect on wound healing, cleansing them of dead tissue.


Undoubtedly, basil is worth growing at home. It not only adds taste and aroma to dishes, but also has many healing properties. Both leaves and flowers of basil are edible, they have a diastolic effect and also stimulate the secretion of digestive juices.

Basil is used to fight fever, cough and sore throat. Studies show that it is useful in treating inflammation of the bladder and kidneys. Basil contains most of the vitamins A, C and B group. Interestingly, the plant has a calming effect and even reduces depression.


Sage is used to treat the throat. Due to its antiseptic effect, it helps to cope with mold. Sage leaves, prepared in the form of a compress, eliminate skin inflammation, which is manifested by irritation and itching. In addition, this plant stimulates the secretion of gastric acid, and also regulates digestive disorders, which are manifested, for example, by heartburn.

It is a source of B, A and C vitamins, the plant contains minerals – magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, sodium, zinc. It is also a treasure trove of organic acids, resin compounds and carotene.


Healing lemon balm (also called lemongrass) is a therapeutic raw material that is used not only for calming and sleeping, but also for painful periods or digestive problems, for example. Due to bactericidal and antifungal properties, it is used in the form of wraps against herpes and mycosis. Melissa is recommended for pregnant women who complain of nausea. In addition, it has a positive effect on memory and the ability to concentrate.

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