May 15, 2020
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Sivokho said in what status he conducts Zelensky’s peace initiatives

Sergey Sivokho / UNIAN

Sergei Sivokho (formerly a well-known comedian and ex-volunteer NSDC secretary Alexei Danilov) spoke about the status in which, after his resignation, he is promoting peace initiatives in the Donbass by President Vladimir Zelensky.

"Does it really take a special status to strive for peace? In the status of Sergey Sivokho, I am doing this now. In the status of the leader of the platform of National Reconciliation and Unity," - quotes his portal Gordon.

Sivokho is also convinced that the notorious peace initiatives on military conflict in the Donbass, which cause intense debate in Ukrainian society, still need to be promoted and implemented.

"Because 05)% who voted for Vladimir Zelensky, including his peace initiatives, are normal people. They don’t understand that it’s necessary to try somehow somehow. speak. They’re not active, let’s put it this way, "he concluded.

Recall that earlier Sergey Sivokho on his Facebook page congratulated Ukrainians on Victory Day . Moreover, he added to the post a photograph of the laying on of flowers with which on May 9, "his team" in Donetsk-occupied by the militants "DPR" honored the memory of those killed in World War II.

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