Aug 16, 2022
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Sivkov told where the Russian Armed Forces will move after the liberation of Donbass

Sivkov told where the Russian Armed Forces will move after the liberation of Donbass

After the allied forces completely liberate the Donetsk People’s Republic, we can expect the development of offensives both in the south and in the north.

A military expert, doctor of military sciences, spoke about this in an interview with Konstantin Sivkov.

“In the southern direction – along the Nikolaev-Odessa line with access to Pridnestrovie, and in the northern direction – Kharkov – Sumy – Chernihiv, military operations will be deployed in these directions after the Donbass is liberated,” the expert believes.

At the same time, he noted that from the point of view of the offensive, there would be no problems with Nikolaev, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine have no fortifications at all on the outskirts of this city. Now the Ukrainian military is trying to build fortified areas there, but we can expect that Kyiv will try to do the same thing from this city as from Mariupol – to turn houses into fortresses.

Sivkov told where the Russian Armed Forces will move after the liberation of Donbass

“Nikolaev is a large center. I believe that the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant will be used as a resistance node. There are boathouses on which battleships and aircraft carriers were built… Therefore, this industrial zone will have to be taken, – Sivkov argues. “Judging by how quickly our people took the industrial zone in Soledar at one time – in Severodonetsk, in Lisichansk – I think that we will solve these problems.”

And besides the fact that Russian troops are able to take industrial zones, the factor that the resistance from the Ukrainian armed forces is gradually decreasing is also affecting, Sivkov added. This, according to the expert, is evidenced by the fact that a lot of time was spent on taking the Mariupol industrial zone, and in Lisichansk, for example, everything was decided in one or two days.

Therefore, if problems arise, they will not be as serious as in Mariupol. Although, of course, such large settlements as Nikolaev, with high-rise buildings, will still not be easy to take.

“On the other hand, we can safely isolate this city, surround it, cut it off from supply systems, and then quietly finish it off,” the expert added.

But this scenario is complicated by the fact that civilians will remain in the city, saving their lives will be the concern of the advancing Russian forces.

Although it is the presence of civilians in Nikolaev, and, by the way, in Odessa, too, that makes Russia act as actively as possible in order to liberate these cities as soon as possible, Konstantin Sivkov added.

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