Feb 17, 2021
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Sister Valery Meladze was accused of plagiarism and demanded 1 million rubles for copyright infringement

14:30, 17.02.2021

The producer used toys of a famous brand in the filming of the Yolki video without permission.

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Liana Meladze, the sister of Valery and Konstantin Meldaze, is the producer of the Velvet Music label. Among the stars promoted by the company were Polina Gagarina, Vera Brezhneva, Anita Tsoi and other artists. Now such musicians as Yolka, Vladimir Presnyakov, Anna Pletneva and others collaborate with the label.

In 2017, the singer Yolki released a video for the song “Let the Music in”. In one of the frames, the heroes of the video were dancing with Tatty Teddy teddy bears. In turn, the copyright holders of these toys accused Liana Meladze’s label of plagiarism. The company noted that it did not give permission to use their product in a commercial project. Representatives of the teddy bear company also claimed copyright infringement. They intend to sue Meladze’s sister’s label. In addition, the company demands one million rubles from the production center as compensation. Note that the clip the singer was removed from the channel until the circumstances were clarified.

Valery and Irina Meladze

Liana Meladze does not like to talk about her life. It is only known that she has been with the Velvet Music label for almost 16 years, reminds radio KP. Her brother Valery Meladze, unlike his sister, leads a public life, performs on stage and appears on television. Since 2017, the artist has been a mentor in the show “Voice. Children”. In 2018, Meladze appeared on the jury of the first season “Voice. 60+ “together with Leonid Agutin, Pelageya and Lev Leshchenko. However, in 2019, Valery returned to Golos. Children ”with Pelageya and Svetlana Loboda. Last year, Meladze was also a mentor in a children’s show with Basta and Polina Gagarina.

In addition to judging in the “Voice” Meladze continues to perform on stage. However, during the pandemic, the artist’s concert activities were suspended. In November last year, Valery even visited patients with coronavirus in the “red zone” of a Moscow hospital. Meladze then stressed that he was doing this not for the sake of PR, but in order to morally support patients and doctors.

Valery Meladze visited patients with coronavirus in the “red zone” of a Moscow hospital

In addition, Meladze urged all his colleagues to boycott the shooting of New Year’s programs. With the help of refusal from the show, Valery Shotaevich tried to achieve the cancellation of tough measures that concerned the sphere of show business. The fact is that all concerts and public events were canceled until mid-January 2021, and theaters could only fill the halls by 25 percent.

Valery stated that this is the only way to draw the attention of the authorities to the fact that the whole industry has been left without a livelihood for several months. The singer was then supported by his beloved Albina Dzhanabaeva, as well as singer Vera Brezhneva, a member of the Tea for Two group Denis Klyaver and other stars.

Valery Meladze in an exclusive video interview for “Around TV”

However, there were those who opposed Meladze. Singer Vitas, for example, reacted negatively to the musician’s statements, and later the singer Lolita Milyavskaya joined him. In her microblog on Instagram, the performer urged not to judge her colleagues strictly for complaints about a critical financial situation. According to the singer, little-known singers and actors have suffered the most in the entertainment industry. “This is not about top artists who have something to live on, and God forbid, it will be so. And about those people who are not top-ranked, who serve concert programs, ”the singer explained.

Lolita also noted that she does not consider Valery Meladze’s call to fight the problem by boycotting New Year’s programs as correct. The singer admitted that before the pandemic she did not see any sense for herself to participate in such events. However, hard times helped Lolita to realize the importance of “blue lights”. “This year I realized that we need to create a mood for people and everyone has their own viewer,” the star explained.

Lolita criticized Meladze’s call to boycott “blue lights”

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