Sep 14, 2020
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Sister Mikhail Efremov said that the actor’s family is going to apply to the European Court

10:18, 09/14/2020

Anastasia Efremova considers the verdict unfair and is ready to fight for her brother's release.

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On September 8, Mikhail Efremov was sentenced in the case of a fatal road accident. Exactly three months before that, the artist got behind the wheel, being in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication. Efremov crossed the double solid line and crashed into a van with fish delicacies driven by courier Sergei Zakharov. The victim died the next morning. Mikhail Efremov was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in a general regime colony. Now the artist is in jail-5 "Vodnik".

The elder sister of Mikhail Efremov Anastasia said that the whole family felt better after the announcement of the verdict. She admitted that the unfair trial had a detrimental effect on the psychological state of Mikhail Olegovich and his relatives. Nevertheless, Anastasia Olegovna strongly disagrees with the verdict. She stated that the Efremov family will fight to the end, and is even ready to apply to the European Court.

Mikhail and Anastasia Efremov

“Some kind of movement has begun. I think that it became easier for Mishka too: the trial was simply incredibly difficult psychologically - because of its unfairness. Everything that happened there. Moreover, when nothing else depends on you. Now you can already take some action, speak up, go to programs. You can consult with different lawyers. Something began to happen. I don't think for a second about any 8 years. We will go to the very end, which is legally required - to the Supreme Court, the European Court and wherever. We will fight, ”Anastasia Efremova shared.

Anastasia Olegovna noted that the lawyer of Mikhail Efremov Elman Pashayev negligently treated the actor's case. The sister of the convicted artist said that she personally communicated with people who saw that it was not Efremov who was driving the car on that fateful day. However, for unknown reasons, Pashayev ignored the letters of the witnesses. According to Anastasia Efremova, the human rights activist had too much other work to do, and he did not take Mikhail's case seriously.

Elman Pashaev

“For example, a woman approached me at the verdict and said that she was passing by at the time of the accident. And I saw with my own eyes that Misha was not driving. But a person cannot just appear in court and tell everything he wants. She wrote to Pashayev, he dismissed her like a fly, did not even call. And I also know of three such cases. The lawyer must listen, check, talk. But he did not even meet with her, did not even call. He handled this case extremely carelessly. This is my feeling ", - said Anastasia Efremova in an interview with a Star Hit correspondent.

Let's remind that Mikhail Efremov believes that Elman Pashayev set him up. The actor said that thanks to his lawyer, he received a much longer term than he expected. Now Mikhail Olegovich is holding meetings with other human rights defenders whom his relatives found for him. Efremov will remain in jail while his appeal is being considered. However, the relatives of the star prisoner may ask the Moscow Federal Penitentiary Service to leave him in the economic support unit.

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