Oct 16, 2021
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Singer Zara shared a photo with her grown-up sons


38-year-old singer Zara (Zarifa Mgoyan) took a picture of her grown-up sons and spoke about their upbringing.

A graduate of the “Star Factory”, singer Zara is twice a mother. She is raising two sons. The elder – 11-year-old Daniel and the younger – 9-year-old Maxim were born two years apart. The artist pays great attention to their upbringing. And recently, the star did not miss the opportunity to arrange a general autumn photo session with her sons, while the colorful foliage has not yet fallen from the trees.

Zara shared the final shots of the shooting in her personal Instagram account. At the same time, she decided to answer the subscribers’ questions about how she brings up her sons.

Singer Zara with her sons
Singer Zara with her sons

Things are good! We are all together and all by our side🙏🏼 So many comments and questions about boys, thank you dear. And for your kind words and wishes. Read by the whole family☺️“, – said the artist.

Zara admitted that first of all she tries to raise her sons by personal example. “As logical as it sounds, it really works. Respect, love, solidarity, attention to the problems of others. Boys know that no matter how busy I am, I will always find time to listen, discuss, support and solve their issue together.“, – the singer explained.

She is sure that parents cannot ignore even minor problems of their children. The singer also tries not to restrict the boys’ freedom: “It is important and necessary for children to express themselves. Of course, everything is within reasonable limits. I try to listen to “I want”, “I would like to”, “I like”. Together we think over how to introduce a new hobby into life, where to go, which section to choose. And let’s try!“.

Singer Zara with her sons
Singer Zara with her sons

Zara also does not try to educate children alone. She is sure that boys definitely need a man in their upbringing – dad, grandfather, uncle, brother. They have all these people. “You can endlessly talk about raising children and about “how to do it right”, but in the end I want to say that perhaps the most important thing, regardless of who your daughter or son is, is love. If the child feels and knows that you are one team and are always there, everything will work out.“, – concluded the artist.

Recall that Daniel and Maxim were born in the marriage of the singer with the head of the Pharmacy Department of the Moscow City Health Department, Sergei Ivanov. The oldest Daniel is already 11 years old, and the youngest 9. Unfortunately, the artist did not manage to save the marriage. In 2016, Zara divorced the boys’ father, but she managed to maintain a good relationship with her former lover.

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